Sarah Berntsen A3

My dream job is an elementary teacher. The average salary is 54,120.
my dream vacation is Hawaii, my amenity is saying hi
I did the apple crisp lab This lab apply's to safety in the kitchen.
I did the chicken salad. this apply' s to safety and sanitation.
found: sears price: 249.99
banana bread. math
fudge, christmas
cookies, math
Favorite fruit: apple, come from Central Asia.
Favorite Vegetable: Broccoli, come from Italy.
berry cobbler, fruits and vegetable
veggie pizza: fruits and veggies
Fruit tarts: fruits and veggies
Created By
Sarah Berntsen


Created with images by kimberlykv - "Red Velvet Cake" • Freeimages9 - "chalk color red" • paul bica - "unrest" • krossbow - "Meat and Potatoes Chili" • ** RCB ** - "it's what's for dinner (365-144)" • IppikiOokami - "pepperoni cut knife" • John-Morgan - "Kitchen Aid" • whitneyinchicago - "Walnut-Bourbon Banana Bread" • cheeseslave - "Making Homemade Fudge" • Hans - "apple fruit vitamins" • Meditations - "appetite broccoli brocoli broccolli"

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