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THURSDAY, I wore all my clothes from the Mid-Atlantic, all at the same time, as I do when I fly. Rain jacket > blazer > fuzzy black sweater > shirt. Pants > jeggins > leggings. We landed on a sunny 68-degrees rooftop pool at the Austin Westin. I peeled off top layers of wintry wool.

FRIDAY at Antone's, we announced Discounts Where You Already Shop, on Android. We demo'ed our superpowers in machine learning as it comes to matching to transaction history. And geolocation, via a discount notification for swag, a battery charger. After a month of preparation for Sxsw, and months of development, it was time for this Product Manager to celebrate !(*&%$#*()(!

SATURDAY, I hopped from the Salesforce party to the Stanford Alumni party. The 5 white stickers are of places alumni might see me traveling this year. Taurean: we have to start a Real World house in Austin. Thanks to the Austin alumni who told me about Austin real estate. And about the middle-manager ceiling in the Austin tech industry.

But I got very lost that first night of party hopping.

MY USE CASE: Google Maps was my work-around. Using the "label" feature, I tagged each address like "Sat 6:30 Stanford".

APP IDEA: someone please add route plan mapping, with an offline mode to save battery.

SUNDAY, my friend's daughter, Director of the program, got me +3, into their party. Thanks Deldelp!

Then, onto our team dinner. My manager's manager staring at flambe desserts on fire!!!

I couldn't capture the flame, but flambe ice cream is quite rich

And the homemade marshmallow was bigger than my palm

But not as big as the waiter's eyes when I ordered bone marrow with tuna tartare
Dinner drama was further amplified by anxiety of the Mid-Atlantic snow storm delaying flights. Should we extend our stay....

Then I was even too tired to party. Even though I had a coveted RSVP to the Amazon party. Don't worry, my friends gave me a serious case of FOMO (Fear Of Missing Out). Thanks Drew!

PRO TIP: You don't need to buy a $1,000 badge for Sxsw. Rsvp to everything a month in advance, and decide later if you want to go. Because I rsvped late, I missed out on seeing Grandmaster Flash, Run DMC, and the comedy festival ;(. But buy your hotel rooms now for Sxsw 2018.

PRO TIP: Check out the demos, not the lectures.


IBM house swag: raspberry pi for building a "TJ Bot"

IBM Watson: Though, no one at IBM would tell me details about their machine learning. It's because they don't have an off-the-shelf product. Watson needs to be customized, and is a consulting tool.

MONDAY with its perfect 75-degree sun, I listened to live music at the Pandora house. My co-worker almost didn't come back from the pool. Alas, we did not extend our stay. We flew into the snow storm.

TUESDAY, I started following up with the coupon aggregators I met externally, and marketing our feature internally. Sxsw, the external contacts and announcement would come to foment alignment across our enterprise, resource my roadmap, and pivot our app strategy.

What is Sxsw? Should I go? What does it take to announce a product there? What can I get out of it? Do I really need to book a hotel now? How can I get my company to sponsor me?

RSVP NOW AND FIND OUT AT "SXSW OR BUST" : Product Management Advice, 5 cents, https://www.meetup.com/Product-management-advice-5-cents/events/238859704/. Read about previous Meetups at http://www.talener.com/talener-blog/product-management-advice-5-cents-washington-dc-meetup-march-21-2017/

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