The Night of Broken Glass Many Bad Things....

The broken windows of the Jewish owned stores.

During this time 250 synagogues were burned and a lot of Jews died

Adolf Hitler (Nazi Leader)

“Early in the morning we suddenly heard loud banging on the door to the building and then shouts and boots stomping up the stairs,” he said. “We didn’t know what was happening, but it was clear that it was something terrible. We closed the shutters facing the street and sat on my parents’ bed at the end of the corridor. We hugged each other and trembled with fear.” says Daniel Heiman, a survivor of this time.

“Then we heard the noise of furniture being thrown from the top floor to the street, then a terrible shout and a thud. They threw Mr. Ulfelder out of the window and he was killed,” he says.

The family heard loud knocks on the door, but the Nazi’s left. They walked to their aunt's villa. THat same day Heiman’s father and uncle, who lived with them, left for the train station on their way to relatives in Dresden.

WHen they got to his aunts this is what they saw, “When we entered the house we saw the destruction … all the closets and furniture had been turned over, their contents spread all over the floor. Everything was in ruins with broken glass and precious crystals. In the midst of it all my aunt sat in shock,” he says.


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