Gun control in school


Enforcement:is when someone in a position of power makes sure you follow the rules

Regulations:is a rule put in place by some authority, such as a government

Intruder: is someone who enters a place or situation despite not being invited

conceal and carry:the practice of carrying a concealed firearm on one's person in public

Massacre:is a big bloody mess of killing, and usually for no good reason.

Prohibited: Not allowed in somewhere

Why do schools have different security?

School security differs from school to school and from region to region based on their surrounding. Lapierre suggested, “that every school should review the security it provides its students, that meetings should take place involving parents, school administrators, teachers and local law enforcement to see if everyone involved was satisfied with the level of security being provided to the school, or if it should be upgraded by adding security cameras, better lighting, improved locks or, yes, armed security”(keene). This quote shows that schools need go through a meeting and talk about their security. When schools do this this could improve the security an arming the school would be a good way of doing this. Mrs. devos a school principal stated, “ the school board voted unanimously to hire armed school resource officers to protect the kids and perhaps prevent a future like the one they had been forced to live through because Sandy Hook’s kids had no such protection”(murphy). Many schools are tightening up their security after the Sandy Hook School shooting because of mass shooting the school had. If that school would have had a gun to stop this intruder it would have saved many lives.

What are the the restrictions of carrying guns on school grounds?

There would be restrictions on having guns on school grounds. Bouchard a senate stated “the bill would not apply to school grounds, though it would apply to school board meetings that take place at an administration building”(Murphy). Wyoming just passed a law that says you can carry a gun when they have a school board meeting if it is okay within that district. There is still regulations from school district to school district. David referred to a quote, “However, people would still be prohibited from carrying a firearm in a public meeting if the space in which the meeting is taking place is not owned or leased by the government and bans firearms”(keene). In order to carry a gun on property it goes different from one building to another so therefore the government is trying to get it all the same on government properties. So therefore there is less confusion with in this system

Could carrying a concealed gun with proper training stop an intruder.

There are many beliefs on conceal and carry. Mr. Murphy made a point in the meeting ,”after the 2012 Sandy Hook tragedy that “sometimes the only way to stop a bad guy with a gun is a good guy with a gun”(source 1)” When this shooting happened they had to shoot the guy in order for him to stop the shooting so there sometimes the only way they can do this is by killing the intruder. So therefore why not have a gun within reach so it can be stopped quicker and less people killed.Murphy also states in the article ”Earlier Tuesday, the same committee also advanced a bill that would allow those with a permit to carry concealed weapons to do so on college campuses”(murphy). If they are allowing guns to be on college campuses then why can't they be on high school grounds. If they allow them it will help save life of victims if something was to happen so there it would be a good idea for them to be on the school grounds to.

How many gun incidents are there in america?

Gun incidents in america are growing. Its so bad that it’s been going into schools. This is a real problem Andy Kriebel states, “in 2015 america had 53,030 gun incidents in america”(Kriebel). This is a high number and if it continues to grow than than america will be taken over by war. So therefore america needs to fix this problem before it gets taken over. Nate Jones states, “there has been 214 actual school shooting since 2013” (Jones). If this number continous to grow than schools will be endangered therefore there has to be something we can do and this should be bringing guns into schools to protect students.

What is the future going to look like when owning guns and buying guns?

Gun crime rates vary from region to region,year to year, city to city. The Economist News Paper state's“Pro-gun groups point out that rates of gun ownership tend to be highest in rural, sparsely populated states, where crime rates are low”(NA). If more people have guns and there is less crime than why don’t we let them into schools. Therefore the crimes are lower in schools just like when they are in cities and more people own the guns .Both sides of the government party stated “In 2013, in the wake of the Sandy Hook massacre, in which 20 schoolchildren were shot dead, two senators, one Democrat and one Republican, introduced a measure that would have required background checks on most gun sales”(murphy).If there is tighter gun laws than it will be harder to get guns so therefore the harder to get guns less guns on the streets which drops the rate of crimes.


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