Between a Rock and a Hard place Author:Aron Ralston by:aritn, Devansh, Nik

This is a story about a really adventurous person, Aron Ralston. He decides to go to Blue John Canyon. He thought it would be easy and adventurous after hiking many dangerous peaks. He also survived an attack by a stalking bear and an avalanche. But something went wrong.....

Do you know what he will do to survive? Aron Ralston hadn’t told anyone about where he was going so because of him not telling anyone when he tries to climb down the mountain he steps on a boulder to go over. He had thought that the boulder was stuck in place since he had pushed against it with his foot, but when he stepped on the boulder with all his weight it moved, and he fell with the rock in pursuit. After he fell he looked up and saw the rock coming towards him and that's when the boulder lands on his arm causing him to get stuck. When he tried moving his arm it wouldn't move, telling him that he had broken it. So he was trapped and he started remembering flashbacks. After 127 hours he amputaited his arm to get free.

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This book shows the struggle of David Ralston for 127 hrs. It takes place in Blue John Canyon. The setting is really long and takes the readers to the next scene. It helps create suspense. The setting does help as the author lost is arm due to the setting. My claim is that the setting is very very very important. Example= "There are four major falls, the tallest of them leads to the lower canyon. It was one reason, I lost my arm. "A Rock and a Hard Place is a first-person narrative of Ralston's confinement in Blue John Canyon. His narration is direct and brutally honest, and he spares no detail. The narration from the canyon grabs the reader and holds him there until Ralston's release. Ralston truly shares the experience vividly with the reader.

Two timelines work in tandem through the first half of the book. Ralston alternates between his time in the canyon and his outdoor adventures leading up to that point. When the timelines merge, Ralston alternates from first- to third-person narration depending on the focus of his writing. The reason the setting is important as it makes the book interesting.

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Devansh Saxena


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