Train-the-Trainer Events at a Glance

Resources for Trainers

Who Should Attend: All Trainers, Onboarding Guides, and Skills Testers

What Problem is Addressed: Trainers unaware of what training resources exist or where to locate them; Trainers inability to distinguish between different types of resources and their purpose

What’s Covered: Online training resources—Training Tablets & 30-,60-,90-day Sheets • Standard Work Documents • Training Documents • Quality Standard Images • BackStage Pass—Training Page, Calender, Training Request, Department Folders • TGU Online

Time Commitment: 2 hours

Attendance Minimum-Maximum: 4–12 participants

Level 1: Adult Learning Principles

Who Should Attend: All Trainers, Onboarding Guides, and Skills Testers

What Problem is Addressed: Inadequate training on how to apply adult learning principles to a training experience; Trainers need to understand the phases of a training cycle; Trainers need to know how to perform a demostration of a production process

What’s Covered: Fundamentals of Adult Learning • Effective Communication Skills • Learning Styles and how they affect learning • Identify ways to create a learning environment that is conducive to learning • The art of asking the right question • How to do a hands-on process demonstration • Demonstration Practical (Sanding Bevels)

Time Commitment: 5 hours

Attendance Minimum-Maximum: 9–15 participants

Level 2: How to Conduct an Effective Training Session

Who Should Attend: Certified Trainers only (required for certification)

What Problem is Addressed: Trainers inability to prepare, deliver, and evaluate an effective training session; Trainers lack of information on how to conduct a demonstration and allow learners to perform a return demonstration; Teaching practices that actually hinder the learner’s progress

What’s Covered: Planning & preparing for a successful training session • How to create a lesson plan—presentation and practical • Review of demonstration procedures • How to identify the equipment/resources/time needed for each lesson • Practical exercise of applying the prepared lesson plan to teach a production process • Introduce the basics of evaluation & post-training feedback • How to bring closure to a training session

Time Commitment: 5 hours

Attendance Minimum-Maximum: 8–12 participants

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