My Spring Break in Cyprus By: Olinka

What I did was I put the path in the middle not of to the side in the rule of thirds because when I tried that it didn't seem like an opening to me. I think it looks better in the middle because it does look like a path. I went close up so you could really see it and did shallow depth of field so the focus would be the little flower petals. There are really only two main colors one a dark brown and then one bright pink which I think goes great because then the flower petals really stand out. Contrasting Colors. The theme is a path but I like to call it a fairies path.
I took this photo because to me it looks like the tree is trying to reach out for me. I took a few photos of this one but I put this one because even though it is in the middle I think it looks better like this with the little end of the tree m=not in focus and the flowers are. I used Shallow depth of field making the background blurry. I looked up so you could see some some of the tree at the top making the branch look even more like ti is reaching out. There is some light which makes it look better than being all dark or all light. The only thing in focus is the patch of flowers and that makes it really seem like the point of interest. The theme is light, not an actual light, but light as I mean flowers are very light, but because it is also white the flowers they kind of remind me of clouds in a way. Making them way nothing.
I took this photo because I thought it was funny that I saw a lady bug in the snow. I put the lady bug of to the side because when it is in the middle it wasn't in the rule of thirds while if you put the lady bug in the rule of thirds, the photo looks better, and catches the persons eye. I really got down, making my pants wet, so you could really see the lady bug. The lady bug did not take whole bunch of the photo, but it is small in real life and I wanted to show that the ice is kind of glowing, sparkling. I wanted to show A lot of the ice and the ladybug of to the side to try something new because I though it would look interesting. The theme is Simple pleasure because this photo makes me happy looking at a Lady bug in the snow. I thought they could only live when there si a lot of greenery.
We first went to the city Nicosia and saw a lot of Graffiti but I liked this one best because it has so many colors and the place it is put makes it look even better. It says," Whatever" in greek. The theme is Colorful.
I took this photo because the scenery was beautiful everywhere. It was so nice to walk to the waterfalls, even though my feet hurt, and to get a chance to see the scenery around it is not the destination, it is how you get there. And that quote relates to this so much. Theme for this is a doorway because this leads you into peace, into beautiful sites and more.
I took this photo because in Qatar we don't have these and because we were walking so much that day I wanted to stop. I went down low and gave a angle so I could see the whole person. It is in the middle but there is no space on the sides for there to be more dead space so I think I did good putting it in the middle because it was kind of big and if I put it of to the side it wouldn't show all of it. I like how there are also cracks and the person has faded a little bit making it look older and that make the person is tired. I did not do shallow depth of field because there is nothing behind it and the color of the background is grey. This is contrasting colors because the person is so light and the background is dark. The theme for this one is, I'm sure you guessed it, is walking.
For photo 2 we sat there for 30 min there just listening to the noises nature makes. It was very nice and peaceful. It was very nice hearing the birds chirp and the water rush past us. The theme is Reflecting. For the first photo of the wooden planks: I took this photo because there is only one of this wooden planks broken. We were walking to the waterfall which took a while, and there were small bridges like these. This was the only bridge that had on broken. I want to know how it happened. It seemed interesting to me. First I would have guessed that more would be broken because lots of people have gone this path, but no only one was broken. That's why the theme is Odd.
The Theme of the photo is Spring. There were so many of these trees and I just love them because in Qatar we don't have trees with flowers. It makes me want to go back there. And the blue railings on the house look really cool. These trees were in the country side, not in the city. We stayed in the country side for more than half of the trip because there are waterfalls, beautiful flowers and homemade food.
I took this photo because it is so cute and small. I put it in the crosshairs of the lines, did not put it in the middle so it has the rule of thirds. I did shallow depth of field only putting my hand and the small flower in focus. My hand and the small flower take up about half of the photo which is good since it's the point of interest. The theme is something small because the flower is so small. I have never seen such a small flower.

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