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Tomorrow is going to be awesome at Church!!!

Seriously - you want to be at church tomorrow! We are beginning our new series called bless and lives are going to be changed through this series both in our church and in our community. We have a surprise tomorrow that you will not want to miss. I typically don't try to "oversell" any one worship service but tomorrow is special. It's going to be a fun morning and a great kick off to our series. If you have invited someone to church this week then make sure to connect with them and invite them again - buy them coffee, breakfast, lunch, whatever it takes because I think they will enjoy tomorrow.

Click on the button above to check out our new website that was rolled out last week! We also rolled out our info site geared towards those that call Renew their home. is the one stop shop where you can sign up for events, fill out the prayer card, get involved card, fill out the connection card, listen to a sermon and so on. It's going to be a great place for you to go and get the information you need. Here is the link

We all love a good story - story is how we connect with each other. Think about it - when you hang with friends, meet someone new, go on a date, what do you do in order to get to know them? You share your story and you listen to theirs. We have a story page on our new site. Stories are how we connect to one another and we find ourselves in the bigger story of Jesus! Take a moment to read a couple stories from people in our community and let us know if there is an aspect of your story that you would like to share! People are blessed and are connected when they hear your story! Here is the link

Click the below button to be generous!

We are so thankful for your generosity! I want to thank those that give online and in person! Your generosity gives us the means to do ministry that is renewing lives in Jesus. We believe our life is not about us, it's in ministering to others through giving back from what we have received from God. We have 3 ways to give - Go to our website, text a dollar amount to 715.318.3582, or can also download the app from your app store and find Renew Church (Eau Claire).

The sermons are online again! If you missed last Sunday or want to pass it onto someone else head over to and click the listen card.
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