Who Is Kyle the Conductor?

Kyle JR Morris is a conductor that transmits energy like; heat, sound, light, or love so we can move closer to peace, purpose, and liberation. Freedom ain’t free, and there’s a lot of work to be done. Kyle does his part by giving back to the city he is from even when it doesn’t feel like “Brotherly Love”. He was shot 6 times on New Years Eve 2013, and lost a good friend. This near death experience inspired him to dedicate his second life to service and edutainment.

Over the next few years he served as a drop-in center manager for homeless youth, a history teacher, dean of students, and site coordinator at a credit recovery school. In 2016 Kyle realized he could do more for his students and their families outside of the school, and quit to start his entertainment company and clothing line which ultimately grew into his non profit.

In 2018 The Education Culture Opportunities (ECO) Foundation, was established. The ECO Foundation serves approximately 500 families in and out of the classroom a week. He understands edutainment isn’t limited to students, so he creatively educates and inspires people of all ages through art, entertainment, and fashion while connecting them to opportunities to better themselves, and their communities. From the classroom to the stage Kyle keeps crowds engaged with a boom bap or a few snaps he’s always bringing the energy and reminding them to keep their crowns up!

“My goal is to conduct myself more positively, so I can conduct the energy in a room more positively, and ultimately conduct my people to freedom.”


“We have a responsibility to infuse entertainment and pop culture into our lessons in an effort to meet our students where they are and keep them engaged long enough to discover the underlying message.”

“Power of Words” - Words words the power of words. The power to help the power to hurt. So when I use the power of words. I’ll only use loving and powerful words.

Social Media Challenges

Public Service Announcements

Music Videos

Warning: the following video depicts violence that may be triggering for some viewers. The students who wrote, directed, and filmed these projects felt it was necessary to include to accurately tell the stories of their community.

Keep Your Crown Up Workshops

Kings Be Like: Young men’s life preparation group
The Selfiesteem Photobooth: After discussing the power of words and positive affirmations young people create artwork that reflects their royalty.
Physical literacy is essential if someone is going to lead their people to liberation
Students work in teams to quiz each other on academic content. You can only drop a piece into the Connect 4.0 board if you get the correct answers.

Life Long Learning

Under The Cuts”: a group of men, a barber, and a therapist discussing the cuts under their fades and how to heal them.
Phamily Matters - This workshop series connects the families of the students we serve to each other, our school partners, and to resources that assist them in better supporting our children.


Kyle preparing the crowd at The Big Old Kids Party for an epic game of musical chairs.

The Big Old Kids Party is an event to help us heal by bringing out our inner child and celebrate life before the BillS! Adults from all backgrounds will be free and relive some of their favorite childhood games and activities like; moon bounces, double dutch, musical chairs, and horseback rides.

This fundraiser doesn’t only raise awareness for Inner Child Therapy, but also raises money for The ECO Foundation's community grant initiatives that support individuals and small businesses with getting to the next level.

Big Old Kids Party 1 : July 2019

Big Old Kids Party 2 : November 2019

“Remember Your Inner Child” - 2 Years Old - Easter 1993

For more information please visit BigOldKidsParty.com

The MLK Town Hall: Excellence and Equity in Education 2020 experience brought students, families, teachers, administrators, and stakeholders together to discuss ways to improve our education system.

SOUL (Sounds Of Upcoming Legends)

“SOUL: Self Care Exhibition”: This exhibition of self-care offered guest of variety of ways to protect them selves during the colder months to combat seasonal depression..

SOUL School: A site wide artist showcases that features our edutainers, and often includes student performers as well.

Teacher SOUL: This collaboration highlights the talented artists who serve as guest educators with Enriched Schools. We wanted to celebrate the new school year by reminding people teachers have soul too.

The Global Experience

Kyle clearing the stage before Musu Kamara’s performance at The Global Experience


“I was always told that I was hype and I’m loud, but all I ever needed was a mic in a crowd”

Sweet Sixteens
Community Concerts
Karaoke Events
Private Parties
School Assemblies
Open Mics
Coversation Parties
I’m the man for the job...


“It may seem like I do a lot, and it’s because I do. However, summing up who I am is simple... I’m a conductor of light spreading love and laughter through service and edutainment.” - Kyle The Conductor
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Kyle Morris