We start off this powerful visual with a message from the Pastor. He gives a message that will raise an eye all around the church community. As we listen to the preacher we capture images of people in small hot Church listening to the preachers intense words. We will also have the images of a river baptism. Everybody covered in white as the preacher drops them in the water.

Then our storyline begins .... in true Color Purple style Calandra is called up front to sing. Behind her is the choir and the band. We will capture this church performance from various angles really bringing across the power of the track. We will capture Shouters and Dancers really getting there praise on. We will pay special attention to the Shouters to really get that church. Special attention will be played to the organ really bringing out that track.

We will capture Calandra in a very scenic wheat field or hilly pasture. We will also capture the choir in the same element. Using a drone for epic overhead shots will be utilized in this setup also. We will also have subtle storyline of Calandra acting as a new age preachers wife

To add to the message i.e.: police brutality, Trump, women's rights.... I will have old TVs placed in various locations (the hood, the wheat field, the aisle in the middle of the church). On the TVs we will have footage of the different issues plaguing our country


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