You are welcome to sit where you want as long as you don't interfere with other's learning and bother those around you.

My Schedule:

1st > Marketing

2nd > Personal Finance

3rd > Personal Finance

4th > PREP

**I'm available most mornings, M/T/Th/F, at 7:45

Be here regularly

Be here on time

Be prepared

Pay attention


Be an active learner

Take Notes

Turn your work in on time

Check regularly to make sure all assignments have been submitted

Know your grade

Take time to prepare for tests

Remediate if you do poorly

Be Respectful

Treat others, your surroundings, and school property with respect

Be Responsible

Store phones at the beginning of class

Bring materials with you, daily

Clean up after yourself

Put away computers/books

Please keep lids on all drinks, and away from computers

Uses of Technology

  • Research
  • Check for Understanding
  • Polls
  • Class Resources

PowerSchool Learning

All classroom resources can be found here including presentations, videos, articles, web links

We will hand in nearly all assignments, take tests via PSL

Emailed assignments will not be accepted, unless preapproved

You are still responsible for work that you missed, if you are not in class


Mix of Standards and Traditional

1. Activities & Assessment

  • Individual work, Small group work, Tests, Projects

2. Employability (based on your behavior, related to your work...late vs on time)

Getting To Know You

Technology will be used, but should only be "out" when requested

Bring a Pass | Take a Pass

Leave your cell phone behind

Absent > Find out what you missed; turn in promptly

Cheating is not tolerated, ZERO on work > Required to redo

What to expect from this class



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