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Choosing Your Space

When deciding to create an inspirational workspace, there are some important factors that you have to consider before you begin the process. First and foremost, you need to know why you are designing such a space in the first place. Are you a stay-at-home mom who needs her own headquarters to manage the household and family activities? Are you a college student who wants a reliable and organized area to spend hours on end doing research and writing thesis papers? Maybe you're a creative (like me), and you want an environment that will both motivate you to work and help you keep track of your projects and supplies - whether that be canvases and paints or needles and yarn. Or maybe you just desire to have one small space where you can curl up with a hot cup of coffee and a good book - and just get away from it all. Whatever your goal, be sure to keep it in mind as you continue with planning and executing your inspirational workspace.

Creative minds need a creative space

Some factors to consider: Size of the room or area, public vs. private space, access to natural light.

Workspace Essentials


Whether or not you actually need a computer in your workspace will greatly impact the rest of the design of your inspirational workspace. Despite great advancements in technology, computers themselves are still quite bulky machines. And these space-takers often come with many strings attached - there's your external hard drive(s), your printers/scanners, your drawing tablets, speakers, headphones, etc. And let's not forget all of the wires - lots and lots of wires. (Unless of course you're fortunate enough to have some nifty wire-free and Bluetooth options on your side.) Maybe your needs don't require all of the extra gadgets and gizmos - but you'll definitely need the next item down the list.

Who really needs a computer: Graphic designer, digital artist, teacher, student, pretty much anyone whose work demands a desktop and access to external machines like printers and scanners.

Who doesn't always need a computer: Traditional artists, hands-on crafts-makers, and anyone else whose work doesn't necessitate being constantly plugged in. Sometimes decent internet access and a tablet or smart phone is enough to do the trick.

Desk & Office Supplies

As mentioned before, if you come to the conclusion that your space would really be lacking without a desktop computer, then you are going to need a decent desktop. Choosing the right one for you all comes down to the amount of work area you need, your personal tastes and how much you are willing to spend on a quality piece of furniture. Desks come in all shapes and sizes - there's writing desks, L-shaped desks, desks with hutches, wall-mounted floating desks and even standing desks. While there are some brightly colored options out there that look pretty cool, I would recommend going with a more neutral color - brown, black, grey, white, glass/mirror top, or even acrylic - so you can easily swap out your accessories in the future. (If you really want a wildly hued desktop, you always have the option of painting - ensuring that you find the exact color you are looking for. This is especially a great option if you choose to reuse a desk that you already own, was handed down to you, or that you got on the cheap from a resale shop.) You'll also want to consider whether or not you'd prefer to have drawers or cabinets in your desk for hiding away papers and supplies.

Super Size It: If you're willing to spend the extra cash there are some really cool desks with features like...built-in outlets, charging docks, and wire-hiding passages.

Who really needs a desk: Anyone with a desktop computer or who needs a large, sturdy, flat surface to work on. (Or whoever really wants a desk, because they are pretty nifty.) If you own a laptop as opposed to a desktop, it can still be nice to have a desk, but it is not entirely necessary as there are other options for you - like lap desks or a small table.

Who doesn't need a desk: If you don't own a computer and you don't really want a huge piece of furniture taking up the majority of your inspirational space, there are plenty of other options for you - like smaller tables.


It's all about comfort

With a desk, obviously comes the need for a chair of some sort. (Even owners of a standing desk need to take a break every once in a while.) Desk options can range from a simple folding chair to a high quality ergonomic office chair. You'll want to think about the amount of time you plan on actually sitting down in your inspirational workspace, the height of your chair in comparison to your desk, and your personal comfort level while sitting.

If you opted out of a desk for your space, then there are some fun and creative seating options you may want to try out. If you really want to keep it simple, find yourself some large pillows to make sitting on the floor more comfortable. Or, better, yet, why not get your hands on some bean bags or snag a fashionable armchair. Or, maybe you'll come up with your own inventive idea.

Who needs seating: Everyone!


Light it up!

Lighting can be pretty simple to figure out. If you are fortunate enough to have your inspirational space in a location that gets a great amount of natural sunlight throughout the day, then you'll probably only need light for times when it's cloudy out or after the sun has set. Although you may have a ceiling light in your space, it may not always be the best lighting when it comes to color or the location of your working area. It's best to have at least one lamp of some sort - a desk lamp, a wall lamp, a standing lamp, a clamp lamp, the list goes on. If you are someone who is planning to use their space as a studio for photography or filming videos, then it would benefit you to look into some higher quality lighting specifically for your craft, like umbrella lamps or ring lights. If you're an individual who creates art traditionally at a desk - then you'll understand the need for color accuracy. A great option for you would be to invest in lamps or bulbs that produce the same natural light that you can get from the sun during the daytime hours. For those of you who enjoy burning the midnight oil while you work away at your computer or read your favorite book, you may enjoy a little bit of some more fun lighting options like LED indoor string lights or night lights.

Who needs lighting: Unless you can see in the dark I would suggest a sufficient light of some sort - preferably both a brighter option and a dimmer light source for those times when you don't need as much intense lighting.


Contain yourself

Who needs storage: More like who doesn't need storage! It's great for papers and supplies. This is something that you can really get creative with. But if you are struggling for ideas, I suggest to check out some helpful videos on YouTube. My personal favorites are drawer organizers, cubby shelves, storage boxes, and rolling carts.

Make It Yours

1. Choose colors that speak to you. What are your favorite color combinations? What kind of emotional feel do you want in your inspirational space? Cool colors lend themselves to being very calm and relaxing, while warm colors tend to be inviting and fun.

2. Gallery walls are totally in right now. They allow you to keep your walls a nice neutral color (light or dark) and make your decor really pop. You can hang gallery walls or incorporate a cool shelf design. Use a variety of imagery - photos, art, posters, books, original pieces, tassel garlands, etc.

3. What makes you happy? Do you collect vinyl figurines? Or maybe you're a bookworm. Whatever your passion, your inspirational workspace is the perfect place to put these kinds of things on display. Have fun with it!

You can find lots of inspirational workspaces to get ideas on Pinterest and from many bloggers. Below is a list of great stores to find all kinds of furniture, supplies, storage, artwork, and other miscellaneous accessories for a fun and inspirational workspace:

Ikea, Target, Home Goods, Big Lots, The Container Store, Urban Outfitters, Michaels, Hobby Lobby, Jet Pens, Cool Pencil Case, Studio Mucci, Society 6, Etsy, ModCloth, Overstock, Funko Pop! Vinyl Figurines, OfficeMax, Office Depot, Barnes & Noble, Amazon, Mochi Things

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