Social Media and Misogyny E-Journaling 3

Disclaimer: These are all real posts. This E-Journal focuses on how Twitter is used to spread misogyny. There is explicit language used.

Twitter is a great source for news and memes. You can follow whoever you want and see the funny, serious, or just random things they post. It is a great way to connect with other people, share your thoughts and opinions, or just talk about your life. However, social media like Twitter can be used in a very dangerous and harmful way.

Twitter can be very political. When Trump was running for president, people were campaigning for women to lose their right to vote, in order to help Trump get into office. A lot of men believe that women do not understand politics because they are not smart enough, and these type of men fueled this campaign. It is very harmful to women to post things like this, as they are being displayed as less than human. It is a right to vote, and to take that away from women would be like telling them that they are not people, rather objects for men.

These posts are examples of harmful gender roles. It shows that gender roles are still prominent today, and that there are people that still believe that women are no more than baby makers and house wives, and focus on girly things, such as doing their hair, makeup, and nails. This is harmful ideology because it oppresses women and stops them from feeling confident enough to pursue whatever career they want to, and tells them that they are no more than a housewife.

This picture shows how some people look at feminism. Over 11 thousand people voted that they would rather their kids have cancer than be feminists. I personally feel sick to my stomach when I look at this. I would never wish cancer on anyone, let alone my own children. I think that it is really sad, and quite pathetic, that people think like this. It is extremely harmful because feminism is meant to help both genders become equal to each other, and by saying that it is a waste of time and they'd rather have cancer than be feminists, it becomes oppressive to women who are fighting for their rights.

This post, like the last one, is bashing feminism. However, this person believes that feminists should be raped and killed. I think it is disgusting to ever say this to anyone, regardless of what they've done. This, again, oppresses feminists because it causes a fear that people like this man will rape and kill people because they are feminists.

In conclusion, although social media can be a great way to keep connected, there are people that use it to spread hate. This is never a good idea, and it publishes your sad and threatening views. People can actually be charged and go to jail for doing things such as threatening rape and murder to people over social media, and by posting it online, you're allowing everyone to see and potentially screen shot and report what you post. Social media is influential, and anyone can see what is posted. I think that it can be used in a good way, however, it is often used in a harmful way. People like that should have their social media accounts taken away from them, as they are threatening people's lives and sharing harmful views.


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