Theodore Roosevelt 26th President (1901-1909)

Background: President Roosevelt was born in New York, NY. One thing he really got into when he was a teenager was weight-lifting which lead to start wrestling and boxing as a new pursuit. President Roosevelt was a graduate from Harvard University in 1880 after he graduated he went off to law school for about a year were he dropped out to become a politician. President Roosevelt became the Vice President for President McKinley which eventually lead him to be President because of McKinley's death.
Major Events: One big thing that Teddy Roosevelt did as president was he used the media to appeal directly to the citizens to let them know what was going on. He also lead the effort to secure the rights for the construction of the panama canal. It was one of the greatest engineering feats at that time. Made peace agreements between nations believing that people shouldn't settle international disputes by war.
Interesting Facts: President Roosevelt was the first President to win the Nobel peace prize. he convinced Japan and Russia to attend a peace conference which lead them to end the war. Another thing many people didn't know is how Teddy Roosevelt and Franklin Roosevelt are related is because they are 5th cousins. Teddy Roosevelt actually presented the rings at Franklin and Eleanor Roosevelt's wedding.
Quote: "The only man who never makes a mistake is the man who never does anything"


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