Pax By Sara pennypacker

Theme Analysis
"Don't let your past history and choices define who you are today."

The phoenix

The Phoenix defines this quote because you have to move past your history. In the story Peter told us that his mother gave him this bracelet before her death. He used to this to get over it and move on, make things better. Later in the book, he used this to forget about letting Pax go and just go get him.


From the beginning as Peter was regretting dropping Pax off. He was repeating that he was regretful about it. This supports the theme because he knew he made the wrong choice. On page 18 he decided to go back and get his Pax. He broke his foot and wound up on Vola's yard. He always told Vola that he shouldn't have let Pax go. Once he healed from his injury he went and reunited with his best friend. This supports the theme because he knew he made the wrong choice and acted upon it.
Peter reuniting with Pax

Peter's Dad

Peter's dad, was always the stubborn kind of guy. He was always in a bad mood. He ended up going to war and realized that he was wrong in life. He needed to change. Him and Peter found each other on Peter's journey to find Pax. According to the text, at at the end of the book Peter's dad realized that he was wrong and he needed to be nicer to Peter so he hugged him. This supports the theme because he realized he was acting wrong and then acted upon it to change.
This is what Peter's dad acted like before his change.


Pax was rescued by peter at 2 weeks of age so Pax was always taught to be tame and live like a dog. He played with his owner and ate from a bowl. He never got to be taught by his parents to live wild so he didn't know how live when he got dropped off in the woods. He needed Peter to come get him. He waited and waited until he couldn't anymore. This represents the theme because he acted upon changing his lifestyle from tame to wild.
Pax being curious of how to survive.

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