Goals Project english 2 period 1

Semester Goal

My Semester Goal is to achieve 90% or higher on all my test, quizzes, and homework. I will achieve this by staying on top of all my assignments by keeping my assignments organized in folders for everyclass

English Goal

My English goal this semester is to get an A in class. I will achieve this by turning in 94% of my assignments on time and do extra credit whenever there is an opportunity.

High School Goal

My High School goal is to get a good transcript all four years. I will achieve this goal by getting an overall percentage of 90% or higher as an overall classroom grade. I will also do all my work and not procrastinate. I also plan on making better friends by being friendly to other people regardless of who they are.

After HS goal

My goal after high school is to go to college and get into a good law firm. I will achieve this goal by turning 85% of my focus on school. I will also achieve this by looking up colleges that have good law programs.

Personal Growth

My personal goal is to become a better person. I will achieve this goal by fixing problems with people I've had in the past that were really close to me. I will also get along better with my parents by respecting them and having more communication with them. I will also help my younger siblings with whatever help they need.


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