Who Am I by Mark Kuzmenko

Table on contents

  1. Who did i think i was before entering this class
  2. Intrest Profiler
  3. IDEAS
  4. workplace Importance Locater
  5. Career Cluster
  6. What careers from my results intersst me
  7. What Education i required
  8. Job i would want

Who i thought i was

Before coming to this class was already set on going to College for business in some sort because and all the tests confirmed that this is the path for me because i enjoy being able to work on projects that push my creativity and make me think one thing i have always hated is doing the something over and over i just ant survive in that kind of environment.

INTERST Profiler

i got a score of 21 for enterprising which matches up totaly with my personality because i am a person who enjoys taking on projects and would like to be a business man. also i love making decisions and leading people.


My highest check mark was Enterprising Sale some jobs i would like that match this category would be and advertising salesperson which makes around 36,000 a year starting and there is a high amount of openings. Also an awesome job would be to be a Marketing manger which would let me take on projects and use my creativity and the pay is quite nice as well starting at 101,009. Sales is definitely a field i will be in throughout my life because that is where the money is.

Workplace importance locater

My top two are Achievement and Recognition which totaly is me because i love to be be able to work realy hard and be able to achieve a goal that is my high. Also recognition it is not as important to me but it is nice when people notice and sales is the perfect field because the harder you work the more potential you can push out.

Career cluster

My highest ranked in Finance and makes total scence because i love money and everything to do with it wearther is counting it or dealing with the stock market which i have done extensive research about also business managment was high on my list all of my results have been pretty simlar and have shown me that i have a lot of potential i a varity of fields now its just a matter of picking the right one.

What career INTERESTS me

I think the career that would interest me the most would either be in sales or in management like a business executive because both will challenge me to work harder and improve i do not like steady and doing something over and over i like a challenge or a career that has something new in store for you everyday.

What education is required

Business Executive: A high school diploma, a Bachelor degree, and at least 5 years experience in a management position. Avg pay $98,000

Sales Manager: High school Diploma, Bachelor degree, 5 years experience in sales. Avg pay $92,000


To get a bachelor in business which will apply to a whole field of jobs i would be interested in it will cost roughly $26,000 if i take the cheaper route and go to CWI for two years at $5,000 a year and then to get be actual degree and Boise State costing $8,000 a year which i will be able to get me degree for $26,000 and i believe i can come out of college debt free.

Companies to work for

I would want to go work for a successful start-up or company like VaynerMedia or Grant Cardon i would want to work in a sales position for someone i truly believe in and can learn for who can hopefully even mentor me. i do not want to work for a corporation with thousands of employs i will want a job where the company is growing and i can contribute to that. I dont want to do my job for just the money but because i truly lve leadership roles and selling things.


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