The Divine Recap By serena sakkal

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The physical setting of the theater was very spacious, especially considering the actual dimensions of the room (smaller than most other theaters I've been to). The high ceilings gave for great acoustics, and I could hear the projections of the actors' and actresses' voices perfectly. The room was large enough that I felt like a part of an audience, yet small enough that there was a level of intimacy between myself and the rest of the people sitting with me. As I entered, I felt as I always do when I am about to experience artwork for the first time- filled with anticipation and excitement. The location of my seat was the far back right area of the auditorium, and while I was nowhere near close to the stage I enjoyed the location because I had a great view of the entire stage, so I didn't miss a thing that happened during the performance. When the lights dimmed and everyone including myself hushed up, I experienced an overwhelming feeling of relaxation as I sat back and immersed myself in what was going on. The role of place in achieving the good life is a big and important one- I believe that living in a place that makes you happy increases your overall quality of life, thus bringing you closer to living the good life. Being close in place to nature will make your life more serene, just as living in a city often makes life more fast-paced.


Going to this play with friends significantly enhanced the experience and made it much more memorable. I attended with my friends Aristotle and Irfan, pictured above, and it was nice being able to discuss the plot and themes with them afterwards. Going with them made this experience one of the best so far at UF, partially due to their unique combined sense of humor, but also because I felt like I looked more forward to attending the performance because it was with them. Aristotle and Irfan live on the same floor, so to get ready I walked to their residence hall. After eating dinner together, we got into Irfan's car and drove to Constans. This taught me the value of sharing experiences with friends both old and new, as Aristotle is a high school friend and I only met Irfan since coming to UF. Sharing experiences with friends is a crucial step to achieving the good life, because friends make life less lonely and a lot more enjoyable. I believe that friends become family after a certain time, and it is the memories that are built with your friends that allow your relationship to grow and the bond to strengthen.


he Cultural and Intellectual Experience: Describe how the performance helps you develop a new way of seeing and understanding our own culture. For example: Consider the time and place of the story. What was the central issue addressed in the performance? What did you know about the subject matter before attending performance? How did the performance change your views about the issues described in the performance? Does the subject matter have a relationship to something happening in your own life?

Knowing nothing about this play beforehand, I really took a lot from the central themes of the story. It gave me an entirely new perspective that I had never considered before on how life was like for people who didn't have the same human rights and privileges that I have been lucky enough to live with. Industrial era Quebec is vastly different in lifestyle and ideals than modern day Gainesville is, and I often take for granted my freedom to choose whatever profession I aspire to have and whatever religion I choose to practice and so forth. The central issue addressed in this story was the societal constrictions that come from being born into a poor family can limit your intellectual ambitions and hither your overall quality of life. It opened my eyes to the fact that most people, both historically and in this modern day, are not living the life that they would rather lead due to either oppressive governments or religious oppositions. The subject matter relates not too much to my personal life, however since watching it I have been able to draw parallels between some of the events in this story and modern day oppression in less developed countries that still maintain a strict economic caste system as well as poorly run factories that go against ethics.


The Divine offered an excellent platform for people to discuss ethical and social issues in our modern world. Although the story takes place over a century ago, the issues that it brings up are more relevant than ever. It was no secret the corruption that took place both in the Catholic Church as well as the factory that the mother worked in, and the unfortunate truth is that these corrupt actions are still a cruel reality for people around the globe. Child molestation and labor are outdated methods of controlling people, and The Divine successfully put the spotlight on these issues and promoted the audience to discuss these issues afterwards.

Written Consent of Aristotle and Irfan

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