Photoshop and me THE WAR

This wasn't challenging so much because it was just corrected. Which I did b just simply following the instructions.
Battle 1.... I still can not get the picture to act right. I tried starting over from the beginning and it didn't work even advice from the professor wouldn't help me. So that is why this picture is here. I wanted to show were the true hate and sometimes love relationship began. RIGHT HERE.
This was a fun piece like my title describes every aspect of my pieces were struggle for me. But this one I surprisingly did with out any kind of conflict or "war".
This was Battle 2 with all the wording with having to place it withing a certain area and the shading.The lasso feature although we used it before I don't remember having to replace the area we removed. However I did like how this came out with the colors and the font because I could not find the certain font we had to use.
This one was difficult but I made myself enjoy it because it reminded me of frozen which is one of my FAVORITE Disney movies out right now. I didn't get the background the way I wanted to but I think it came out okay I mean I always try m hardest with my work.
I love, love, love, Jasmine Sullivan she is my favorite artist and although it didn't tie in the best with the career I choice to do I thought everything worked well with each other. This was cool with getting to pivk the font it was like digital coloring. I have always been interested in how people executed this kind of design but know I know and I understand how much hard work goes into it.
This piece was the War, because finding a picture that works well with the lighting and colors I wanted to use was hard. When I finally found this piece I had to use it automatically. I had already picked the fonts I wanted to use I just had place them in the picture. The process of just placing the words wherever was relaxing. I mean there were some rules we had to follow but really we had room to just have some fun.

I won the War...UNTIL NEXT TIME

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