Samurai and Knights Are they more SIMILAR or different?

Samurai and knights were very different from each other. Knights lived in Europe and samurai lived in Japan. That's thousands of miles away, but both of them developed feudalism!

Medieval knight

Both samurai and knights used a variety of weapons. Samurai used a short sword (wakizashi) and a long sword (katana). They were also excellent archers. Knights used longswords, maces, longbows, and spears. Both samurai and knights rode horses. Knight armor and samurai were very different. Samurai armor was very artistic and made from leather, brass, and iron. Their helmets were made of 100 rivets. Knight armor was very expensive to produce and made from chainmail.

Both samurai and knights served a higher person than them. Samurai served a shogun, and they were required by bushido to live and die in the service of their leader. Knights served kings and lords. Both samurai and knights were not paid in money, but instead were paid in land grants.

Knights and samurai are more similar than different because they are paid the same way, have similar leaders, both use a wide variety of weapons, and both developed feudalism around the same time.

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