Poetry Analysis By Andrea Scott

A book about experience through violence, abuse, love, loss, and femininity.
Page 97
The Author: Rupi Kaur is a Canadian poet who emigrated from India age 4. Growing up her mother inspired her to draw and paint, as well as writing thoughtful poems for friends and family on celebrations. Kaur studied Rhetoric and Professional Writing at the University of Waterloo.

Paraphrase: This poem is shown through breaking of what one seeks of self worth. The perspective comes from a feminine side explaining in a narrative tone of how simple can give you what you want and deserve. Simple is the characteristic of what the narrative is saying in how they are no big bright show but the essential that is better than what anyone can just get. " I am not the whiskey you want, I am the water you need" (Kaur, Line 20). You can just want anything there is but you need the necessary essentials to survive which is what the narrative is explaining about self.

Attitude: Strong. When reading this poem, the sense of attitude that the narrative is a strong, confident person of knowing of what their self worth is. They don't just settle for being less but the stability of what a spouse needs in them. It is a one stop to home rather than a multi vacation trip that is made clear and visible whilst reading.

Theme: The author displays many themes such as: self esteem in what is in one's worth, self worth/ self love in how you shouldn't settle for less or even be less of a person, and love/relationships in how you don't be that one stop for anyone. Self esteem is a factor that is hard to have high of but Kaur makes it through the poem as to have to be shown your strong worth, you need to have some sort of good self esteem in order for others to not easily walk over you in your essential intentions. Self worth and love is knowing yourself and what you should be treated like for others to see and not take advantage of you and your company for anything less. Love and relationships is how a good strong one should be presented in the poem explaining that you are special and not a thing to be objected to by a spouse but a long term essential as part of survival.

Connotation: Imagery- Many mages portray in the poem making one reflect of a simple self being ex "no skyscrapers or statues" (Kaur, Line 7). Meaning the reader not to think of an extravagant expectation. Mood- I am better than what you can just want. Kaur implies the reader to know that their self worth is strong and better than just any extravagant short term settlement.


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