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Through my research and work I am expanding my knowledge of the formalist elements of art and design, their impact on the human psyche, and how these elements work together to convey meaning through visual communication. I continue to develop my voice and vision through this process.

I’m inspired by modernism, deconstruction, philosophy, minimalism, all of art history, the evolution of human consciousness, nature, music, emotion, psychology, spirituality, the ability of art to create an impact on the artist, art consumers, and culture, and the search for and creation of purpose and meaning in postmodern society. I continue to explore ideas, materials, techniques, teaching methods of and the history and potential for painting and art-making in the twenty-first century. In this way I am learning who I am and finding meaning as a contemporary artist.

My art is my contribution to the world. It is intended to inspire viewers to explore their own subjective responses, to contemplate the nature of art, beauty, life and reality, and that they may form their own narratives in the process. It is through this experience that art finds life - in its interaction with conscious minds - as an expression of community and our shared humanity.

Paintings & OTHER WORKS


"Untitled (WIP)," 2018. Oil on canvas.
"Untitled (WIP)," 2018. Oil on canvas.
"Untitled (WIP)," 2018. Oil on canvas.


"Composition X," 2017. Oil on canvas.
"Love," 2017. Oil on canvas.
"In a Pinch," 2017. Oil on canvas.
"Untitled (Arts in Review), 2017. Acrylic, cling-wrap, newspaper, and lithography ink on canvas.
"Untitled (Studio Floor)," 2017. Acrylic, match-sticks, ash and butts of organic cigarettes on canvas.
"Untitled (Institutional Sterility), 2017. Acrylic, styrofoam, and banding on canvas.
"The Green Coat," 2017. Lithograph on Rives BFK.
"Josie's Transformation," 2017. Graphite on paper.
"I'll Be Your Mirror," 2017. Acrylic, wood, ceramic, Tropical Bromeliad, and found objects.


"Blue David Holds His Mouth and Nose as He Sinks Through Space-Time," 2016. Oil on canvas.
"Différance," 2016. Oil on Canvas
"Woman With Infinity On Her Lips," 2016. Ink on paper.


"Untitled," 2015. Acrylic enamel on canvas.
"Composition No. 4," 2015. Acrylic enamel on canvas.
"Composition No. 3," 2015. Acrylic enamel on canvas.
"Composition No. 2," 2015. Acrylic enamel on canvas.


"Untitled," 2010. Oil, canvas, twine, and banding on canvas.





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