Michael J. Pajtas Artist portfolio

Artist Statement

I have always had an immense fear of the unknown, a deep-rooted insecurity. My psychological response is to overthink, to question everything and explore endlessly in a quest for answers. I always want to know, but the unfortunate truth is that life is full of uncertainty, and I have often found this crippling. In order to function I’ve had to learn to trust my vision, to face this world courageously (though often quite blindly), and most importantly to learn to let go and trust the process.

The work that I have done over the past three months reflects this journey. It reflects my quest for knowledge and a copious amount of uncertainty. But it also reflects my decision to follow my vision courageously. Through my work I am exploring various mediums of visual expression, I am learning who I am and finding meaning as a contemporary artist, and I am learning to trust the process.

Raw and unrefined, my early works are instances of abstract expressionism. As a student of the visual arts I am now working my way through the history of art as a practice and as an evolving concept, exploring ways of communicating through a variety of visual techniques, and finding what resonates with me internally as I learn the fundamentals. The BFA program at U of M Flint has broadened my horizons and offered a safe space to explore and create. The rigorous curriculum has challenged me to create art of substance and to build a strong foundation for successful work into the future. Through the use of various techniques and mediums my work communicates my contemplation of art and art history, human existence, and the search for meaning and knowledge. I stay true to my vision by keeping my love of abstraction, bold use color and the expressive application of paint close at hand.

My art is my contribution to the world. It is my hope that it will inspire viewers to explore their own subjective responses, to contemplate the nature of art, beauty, life and reality, and that they may form their own narratives in the process. It is through this experience that art finds life - in its interaction with conscious minds - as an expression of community and our shared humanity.


"Pickle on Pink," 2016, Acrylic and Collage on Canvas
"Art Object No. 2," 2016, Acrylic on Canvas
"Olive," 2016, Acrylic on Canvas
"Candy Says," Self-Portrait, 2016, Watercolor on Paper
"Meditation on Minimalism," 2016, Watercolor on Paper
"Election Season," 2016, Watercolor on Paper
"Différance," 2016, Oil on Canvas

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