PonyBoy's Jorunal not Diary The Outsider by S.E Hinton

April,5 1960

Hey my name is ,Ponyboy I know its a weird name but my parent were weird people. I have two brothers Darry,and Sodapop our parents died in a car crash. I was walking home from watching The Hustler which has my favorite actor in it Paul Newman.Greaser don't like to walk alone or eles we will get jumped by those stupid Socs.And of course I was jumped,the Socs drove next to me and they cut my neck so that was great way to start the day, but my friends the Two-bit,Dally,Steve,Johnny,and my brothers scared those white trash away.

April, 5 1960

Dally, Johnny, and me are to the movies where we meet some Socs girls I think that names were Cherry and Maricia they said that there boyfriend who were also Socs where drinking and try to get them to drink too so the left them drunkile ramble about nothing . But then Dally being Dally he had to flirt with them intill Cherry yelled at him and threw a Coke at his face, thank god he lefted after that. But then Bob and Randy saw us with "there girls" and try to fight us but Cherry stopped them before they could. Johnny,and me are right now sitting in a vacant lot, he keeps talking about death and things that Johnny always talks about,I'm worried about him.

April 7,1960

OK sorry if I misspell anything Im under so circcetstands that has made unable to write well, so I should tell you what happen last night,it was crazy. So Johnny and I talked for what felt like forever and we fell asleep,that was a bad idea. I woke up a couple hours later and Johnny was still asleep.I ran back home, and Darry was still awake long story short...Darry hit me, I ran away from home after that with Johnny. We walked to park and a blue mustant drove beside me and guess who it was..Socs. They stopped and almost DROWNED me in a fountain, I couldn't see or hear anything but Johnny said that they threthen to hurt them like they did a that morning. I look like I was about to die so Johhny had to kill my attacker,Bob.So as we speak I'm sitting on a train with Johhny on the run from the fuzz.

April 9,1960

Hey,its couple of days later yesterday we cut our hair and Johnny bleached me hair and played cards and thats why I didn't write yesterday. Anyways me and Johnny are living in an adonned church a couple towns away. Well, thats all I have to say today I'll write more when I have the chance.

April,10 1960

So im writing this in a Dairy Queen bathroom,you might be wondering why im in a Dairy Queen bathroom well Dally came drove here to see us and we all ready ate all the food we had. But that not why I'm writing right now... Johnny is going to confesson. We're so scared but it needs to happen. We are going back to the church,I hope we don't spend the rest of our life in jail.

April 13,1960

Well Im in a hospital so,it wasn't a good couple of days well we got to the church and well it was in flames most likey a cancer stick. Johnny,Dally,and me heard a couple of kids inside we saved them but Johnny is server injured but I'm not as bad. I'm going home soon so see you then.

April 28,1960

Ok so I just found this again its been a while hasn't it well you have a lot to catch up on well Johnny died in the hospital due his injurys and that same night Dally robbed a store and was shot by the cops. And finally the Socs and greasers got into a rumble but the greasers won because the Socs are human trash. Now everything seem normal but it seem darker even colder now that Johnny and Dally are gone but we will always remeber them. I think I'm a little old to write and I have nothing eles to write about so time to go back between the couch cushion.

Septermeber 5,1961

Hello old friend I bet you're wonder why Im writing again well we have to write something for english and I found you stuffed in the couch so Im writing about what happen a year ago.I think I"ll can it the Outsider so lets start.

When I stepped out into the bright sunlight from the darkness of the movie house, I had only two things on my mind: Paul Newman and a ride home......


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