Gathering Blue Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry

Lois Lowry was born in Honolulu, Hawaii. She published her first book (A Summer To Die) in 1977. She lost her son, Grey, in 1995 in a plane crash while he was in the U.S. air force. After Grey died, she took care of his daughter and wrote a book about her and her father that was published in 1998 called Looking Back. Gathering Blue was the second book of The Giver and was published in 2000.

What gathering blue is about

Gathering Blue starts off in the Field of the Living. It is where people get laid after death and eaten by animals. A girl named Kira (main character) is sitting with her dead mother, Katrina. People believed they have to stay with the dead until their spirits leave their body and that it take about four day. After the fourth day, Kira leaves her mother at the field after feeling her spirit leaving. We find out that infants don't have a ceremony like this because they don't grow a soul until they are older.

Kira now has no family and her home was burned down because her mother died of a sickness. She decided to use the same plot her mother had to build a shelter to survive. She has a hard time doing so because she has a lame leg. She starts to remember what happened to her father and the stories her mother use to tell about him. He was a hunter and was attacked and eaten by beasts when Kira was young. They were going to kill Kira at a young age because of her leg. They saw her as crippled and unable to provide to the community. Her mother was the one that stopped the community from doing so after Kira (as a baby) squeezed her hand. Katrina realized Kira had a lot of strength and even though she can't walk, she can do things with her hands. For her work to make up for the lame leg, she weaved baskets and blankets. Now that Katrina is dead, no one is there to protect Kira from the community.

Vandara was the strongest woman in the community. Once she finds out Katrina is dead, she wants to build a house for the children to play in and keep them safe when their parents have to work. They want Kira's plot. Kira tries to protect her spot and argues with Vandara that the plot belongs to her and her deceased family. Vandara continues the argument by insisting that Kira is useless to the community, and now that both her parents are dead, there is no one to protect her now. She gathers a whole bunch of women from the community to stone Kira to death. Kira reminds Vandara that if she throws one stone at her, and she dies, her and the rest of the women around her will be punished for murder. Vandara and the rest of the women put their stones down, and run straight to the council to have Kira banned from the community and forced to be eaten by the beasts that roam at night.

Kira now has to come up with reasons why the council should keep her alive. Throughout the book Kira has to learn how to grow up and survive on her own, because the only person on her side, is herself.

What i Liked about the book

The book was very interesting. I could picture everything that was happening because the book gave amazing descriptions. Even though a lot of the settings are unusual to us, they described the places with good enough detail for anyone to picture it.

What i disliked about the book

I disliked how much pain the main character went through. Even though it made the book very juicy, it also broke my heart to read Kira go through as much loneliness as she did.


I think the theme of this book would be to never give up. When Kira saw that there was no hope for herself, she continued to work hard and keep herself alive. This created a great advantage for her as she went on in the book.


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