Russian Involvement in U.S election Russia has hacked the United states and rigged our election and can possibly cause future conflicts

How Did the Russians leak Democratic information?

The Russians leaked Democratic information simply through email. Politician John Podesta was the unlucky man that received one of these emails. Luke Harding, author for The Guardian says that “Russian hackers were able to access thousands of emails from a top-ranking Democrat after an aide typed the word legitimate instead of illegitimate by mistake”. This error lead Russians hackers access to obtain John Podesta’s password because the original email was asking him to change his password. This allowed the Russians into a politician's account which gave them access to private things. Things such as very important emails, like Luke Harding also states later on that “This gave the hackers access to about 60,000 emails from Podestas private gmail account.” This allowed hackers to read and reveal anything they wanted to from a politician's email and from the Democratic side because they wanted trump to win. Overall, Russians hackers ultimately retained top secret information simply by sending fake emails.

How did Donald Trump react to the hacking?

I chose the picture above to represent the relationship with trump and putin. Trump seems to be going with the flow and thinks they get along while Putin is really manipulating him

When questioned by reporters, Donald Trump refused that he knew anything about it and that he had no idea any of this happened despite his friendship with Russia. In fact, David Namakara from the Washington Post reports that trump stated “this is a political witch hunt” and he “highly doubts Russia would do this.” But Trump also doesn’t state some of the things he has posted on social media that may seem like he knew this was happening the whole time. When news first came out, Trump tweeted and said “Great move on delay by V.Putin.” which was the day after this big fiasco which makes it seem that he actually knew what was going on the whole time. Tweeting things like this makes people more skeptical towards Trump and he should be careful what he shares.

Why did the Russian's want to hack the Democrats?

The main reason that Vladimir Putin doesn’t like Hillary Clinton is because of what she did in 2011, when there were protests to kick Putin out of Russian office and he thought Clinton was behind it. In fact, Putin stated that “Clinton gave a signal to demonstrators working with the support of the U.S. State Department, to undermine his power.” These two have been Disputing for years and now it has caused the United States problems. Tim Kaine, who was Hillary Clinton's running mate also said that “I would never trust Putin, Hillary never organized people to protest him, russians just don’t like him.” So this antidote is saying that we should not trust him when he says he didn’t do it. Overall, russia hacked the DNC because of the history of feuds between Putin and Hillary and Russia wanted Trump to win.

How has Russia's hacking affected the world?

Since Russia hacked into the U.S DNC website, they have proven to be a force to be reckoned with. So now we might have opened up a new type of war, a cyber war. Now all countries need to be aware of the damages and causes of this type of hacking. The Prime Minister of United Kingdom Theresa May stated that “Russia has now started a new way to via incognito.” Russia has now started cyberwar and can now hack into others private information and can lead to way worse. Also, in a video on CNN website, politician Joe Manchin from West Virginia is speaking about this and while he is talking he raises his voice and grabs his head out of frustration. This gesture shows exactly the seriousness in what has happened and how real this can get. And he also goes on to say that “if they can hack this, I can’t imagine what else they could do.” This could lead to very real things and can hurt government and economy and all sorts of things. So overall, russia’s hack has now had a huge impact on the whole world and is now taken very seriously

Hack- using a computer to gain unauthorized info. Cyber War- War which is fought through electronics. Skeptical- Not easily convinced. Dispute-disagreement or argument. Economy- Wealth and resources of a country. Antidote- Word that counteracts


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