Double Victory Jasmine salazar

Four similarities between women and African Americans


Both the women and African Americans were discriminated by the white. Basically the two had no rights .


They struggled with having their freedom which made them all come together and start a protest. Women fought for many things but the one i'll talk about is their right to vote. African Americans also fought but for their freedom of slavery.

Job oppurtunities

African American and women didn't have a choice to pick out the job they wanted to do. Before the war started women had to stay home and be a housewife. While the men go out and work in factories,army etc. African Americans had to work on the farm for half their day.


The war helped both of the groups because it gave them a chance to work wherever they wanted. Some men were sent to fight which made the women come and work for them. African Americans also stepped up to do something instead of farm work.

Three Differences between women and African Americans

African Americans were more targeted because of slavery. During the WWII it was still happening which made them the more oppressed ones.


Women changed images and turned it into women's roles. Which basically they dressed up as what only men are suppose to wear for their job. They took pictures to show what they're fighting for and nothing is wrong for trying to do what we want to do.

Open Target

If you're African American then everything/everyone is against you. Basically an open target for people to criticize them. Also when they had to fight with them through the war.

How were they treated ?


Slogan: "Women fight for women's rights"

Depending on what class you're in is mostly how bad you get treated. Women were known as staying home and doing housewife duties.They never had the right to speak up , they were afraid to talk back about their husbands because there was consequences. They were forced to stay home no deciding what career to do.

How did they respond to such treatment ?

By creating movements/programs for the community. They fought back to have their rights not only for their careers or to vote but for an education too. Created many protests and never stopped .

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war (WWII) ?

By starting a lot of chaos with their protests maybe caused an uprising with the war. The war helped mostly because it gave women a chance to work how men worked. Turns out that many women were fast learners and did a much better job than the men.

What is your analysis ? Opinion ? Reaction to the action(s) taken by each community ?

I'm happy that our women fought long and hard (still is) for our right to be treated fairly.


Slogan: "We shouldn't fight each other, Fight to help one another"

How were they treated ?

They were born into slavery. In the WWII they were still getting treated unfairly.They were whipped,raped and taken away from family (separation). That was their punishments. In this time period is was slowly dying down but not fully.

How did they respond to such treatment ?

They rebelled against the cruel treatment by standing up for themselves holding revolutions against the whites.

Did they contribute anything to the cause of the war (WWII) ?

The contributed their lives to the war of the country in which they were not free upon (technically).

What is your analysis ? Opinion ? Reaction to the action(s) taken by each community ?

Their actions are good because they are being mature adults and handing their business. But it's stressful because they still don't get treated fairly or how it's suppose to be like. But they're still fighting for what they need


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