Swiss National

Switzerland is filled with holidays one of them is Swiss national. This is one of the most important holidays because back in 1291 August 1st they formed and alliance this saved them all. That's why its celebrated on August 1st. Another holiday that's just like Swiss National is Bunesfeier.
Celebration you can do anything for all of Switzerland on August 1st you dress in red and white for national colors. Fireworks happen later that night. They will also sing the National Athem for Switzerland.
During Swiss National bakeries will make special bread and put the Switzerland flag on them. Thats not all they do, they put on concerts, speeches, and presentations. While the streets of Switzerland are decorated in national flags.
They celebrate there colors so much they will all dress in white and red to represent the flag. Just like so many other cultures they will dress in the colors and eat amazing food to celebrate their land.
Even tho is a minor holiday for some people its feels like a major holiday for Switzerland. Just like our Fourth of July.
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