Le Jardin en Verre The Glass Garden

Location: CEntral park, NEw york

We chose Central Park in New York because its such a big city and we thought it needed a part of nature and a quite spot for people to enjoy nature.
New York City is a big city with a big population and so we decided to put a garden in Central Park to give the people in New York a quite and relaxing place to be around nature. Also the big city is very loud with cars passing and people talking. At night the city is very beautiful and everything looks as if it lights up. So a sound proof garden is the best place to be to get away from everything.


Created with images by Bluesnap - "pink periwinkle flower pink" • GOEducationalTours - "statue of liberty new york city liberty" • Marcela McGreal - "Manhattan From Above" • Henry Hemming - "Belvedere Lake, Central Park, NYC" • smaus - "usa new york ny" • hodgesce13 - "central park new york new york city" • RyanMcGuire - "taxi cab taxicab" • Unsplash - "new york city skyline"

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