Thoughts on Design Elements interpreted through watercolors

How do I define design? Design to me is the intentional arrangement of 2D 3D or 4D space with an emphasis on the functionality, purpose, identity and aesthetic qualities of that space.

The following are examples of important aspects design as they are found in my illustrations and 2D works


Color and the way color interacts are an important aspect of visual design. We react differently to spaces depending on what colors are present as well as their translucency.


Qualities of line including its thickness, length and whether it is organic or straight can convey many important aspects of a space including depth and a sense of energy.


Form is how the space that an object occupies is defined. It is defined using varying tones and shades which conveys a sense of volume.


Shapes can be organic or geometric.


Scale can be implemented to convey several qualities including depth and relative importance. Here a slightly larger cube is overlapped with a smaller cube. Because there is only a slight difference in size it is implied that they are near each other.


The properties of watercolors make them ideal for conveying smooth textures but there are many techniques that con be used to create a variety of textures including rough and fuzzy


Space is created and defined through a combination of line, shape, color, texture, form and scale.

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