The Listening Project Art In Odd Places Orlando 2017

Five minutes, whatever is on your mind. We'll listen.

Yes, it's that simple.

The Concept

Two chairs. Five minutes.

When was the last time someone gave you their complete and undivided attention or listened to you completely without saying anything? And on the flip side when was the last time you offered this to another?

The Reason is: As society continues to speed up around us and our interactions become increasingly digitized, we spend less and less time focused on one another in person.

Healing begins when we feel heard.
…focused on one another in person
Looking down the path we have an opportunity.


DOWNTOWN ORLANDO, Orange Ave. Citizens zigzag paths up and down the sidewalk. Many of them listening to music in their ears, talking on the phone, typing into screens, and all trying not to collide with each other as they hurry by. Thinking about conversations they had or will have later.

But in all this distraction, are we listening?

Are we connecting?

An Oasis

A TENT. Where 4 pairs of chairs face each other. And Elar Institute organizers and volunteers invite us in to be heard.

Where someone is waiting to listen.

And we've done this before.

The Listening Project is an opportunity for us to simply listen and feel completely heard.

During Central Florida Earth Day 2017!, we ran The Listening Project where 20 scheduled listeners opened their ears and hearts to strangers attending the festival. They sat together for 5 minutes while the participant cleared whatever was on their mind.

Or you can even sign up to "listen."

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