Phones: Why Should We Have One? Seven Good Reasons We Should Keep Our Phone

1. Friends

How does a phone help improve my friendships?

When iPhones first hit the markets back in 2007, it was looked at as an updated way to communicate with friends and coworkers using various different techniques; such as apps, a different setup for texts, and the FaceTime feature. As a phoneless child, I have no way to connect with my friends on their vacations, and they have no way to share their experience with me; such as their pictures and videos. They also cannot get ahold of me in their times of need, such as help on homework or to get together and work on a project or even emotional support. I'm well aware that I have my own issues to deal with but, as a friend,I have to be there for them and let them know my support. In return, in my times of need I reach out my friends for help and they help me they best they can and connect people in higher power to protect my wellbeing.

What are other solutions?

While there are other solutions such as meeting them in person or just talking to them at school, these do not always work. There are schedule issues that can conflict, where they live, and how the parents appear to like the child. An example of this is the Dulinsky family. Carl and Daniel Dulinsky are not, without a doubt, fans of me. They give me the "stay away from her" glare and try to make it complicated for Moriah and I to hang out. They also are currently moving to Alaska and I'll note t be able to see her, unless you are comfortable with buying me a plane ticket to see her. It is a very expensive alternative to just Skypeing her or even texting her while she is there. Lastly, as she is moving, at a different school, and her parents are incharge of the Cross Walk program, she in almost impossible to get to see in person. I believe that having this phone will change that issue as it has in the past.

2. Responsibility

How will having a phone make me responsible?

Having a phone is privileged and a responsibility. We are trusted by adults to do the right things with it. Having this electronic will teach me how to share with my sibling and problems solve with her as a well as learning to recognize the different type of scams on the internet. This will also teach me to be prepared for the outside world.

What are the disadvantages of it just being on creditability?

Well as children have not gone through as much as adults have in the world, having a phone is a privilege and sometimes we can misuse it. There is a concern that we could talk to strangers, download mysterious apps, or look up risqué things on the internet. But there is a solution to this. There are apps, such as TeenSafe, SecureTeen, and NetNanny that allow you to block websites, tracks texts and calls, and has gps signal on where we are. It allows complete and utter control for you to our phone.

3. Entertainment

Why do I need entertainment?

As we are a family that travels a lot and is on the road even longer, the car rides can become boring. I do admit that we listen to the radio but I am not a fan of the songs on there. Instead I buy my own music so that I may listen to the melodies that I like. I also admit to having two time passing games for when I bored called Free Flow and Happy Jump. In Free Flow you connect lines together like a puzzle till all the black squares are covered while in Happy Jump you tilt the phone to have your avatar jump into the stars. It's quite a pointless game but fun, non the less. And I also have my kindle app on there of books I have bought online because they are too expensive hard back and you are aware that I love to read on trips.

Is entertainment necessary?

As I am a child that plays in a band, I enjoy to count out the rhythms of the music I listen to to sharpen my skills as a musician. As for reading and playing games, an opponent would talk about the head aches or car sickness it will give you. I agree but what about those times at the gas station when you could sit there for thirty minutes? It is something for us to by preoccupied with. And also makes sure that there is less time wasted due to us annoying you.

4. Photography Experience

Why do I need to photograph our experiences?

As previously stated on slide three, we are a family that travels a lot. We go to various places and like normal toirists, we like to have something to remember them by. Photography is one of the permanent ways to capture a memory, in a small fragment of time and successfully have it for generations to come. As we have no way to photograph our adventures with you besides your phone, we should be able to use our phone to do it instead. It will help us practice techniques and remind us of the fun and splendid times that we've had.

Is a phone the only way?

The phone isn't the only option but it is the cheapest. There is a possibility that you could spend the cash that you are trying to save, on a camera or another platform that takes pictures. But as I stated, you would have waste cash, so a more effective option is to just let us have excess to our phone that we currently have for free. That way no money is spent over small issues that we already have a solution to.

5. Social Interaction

Why do we need to act socially?

As we have previously discussed, I am somewhat anti-social. If I were to have a phone, it would give me a chance to become more socially outgoing, firstly building up my confidence to start speaking to people in reality. You could also help me with my fear to reach out and to talk to new people because I do not have the confidence to do it face-to-face. This would allow me a chance t practice using my people skills first in dialogue and then start to move onto practicing reading body language. It will also help me stay aware but friends so that I'm not completely left in the dust about what is going on.

Can't being online be a negitive influence?

Of course any online platform where you are able to talk to another person or look up anything can be a negative influence on some people. But it is also experience for us children and adults. We make a mistakes online and then we realize our mistakes and adapt our ways to get us out of trouble. Yes, there is the underlining fear of having your teenage daughter talk to someone online but this is where responsibility and trustworthiness comes in. As an adult you have to let your child make mistakes and develop and learn from them. This is the point where you have to trust them and let them grow up a little bit. Even though it's a terrifying thing to think about, we are teenagers are growing up and we need to learn to be independent and responsible. This is the time when you have to let us go from underneath your wing and nudge us out of the nest.

6. Time Management Skills

How are time management skills and having a phone related?

Well since I am a busy person as well as you, both of us know that sometimes it's hard to stay on track of time or when your schedule to go do something. Having a phone allows us to utilize a Calendar app and a Clock app that can tell us when we need to go, when we have something to do, and what time it is. This helps me schedule around my school activities, making sure I don't have appointments for the same exact time,and helps me make sure that I am on time for those appointments I do have.

Well doesn't that teach kids to depend only on phones?

Yes, it does teach children to depend on electronics but it also teaches them how to utilize the information that they are given and responsibly put it into something that will remind them when they forget. It teaches them to use the "device of the future" and to stay up with technology. As soon as technology was introduced to this world, it had shape and influenced the new way of working and thinking. Letting your child get familiar with it as they are younger will help them have the skills they need when they are older.

7. Embracing Originality

How can a phone help us inbrace originality?

As you know everyone has their own personality. Everyone is individually unique and is interested in completely different stuff from others. Having a phone will allow me to access the Internet which helps me to find new things that I might enjoy and show me different techniques to express myself. It can also teach me different things about what I'm interested in and maybe even show me when there is a convention like Anime Expo. You can help me get more deeply rooted into the communities I'm interested in and help me understand the communities I am not well-versed in.

How could it negatively effect my uniqueness?

There are speculations that using the Internet can double down someone's uniqueness and make them a "mindless zombie". This is not the case for me in particular. When I use the Internet are use it to advance my knowledge on various subjects that I'm interested in such as the LGBT+ community, gaming, and even some aspects of English and Science. It helps me to be able to understand more of the things that are going on and effecting the world we live in.

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