Journey Log 7 Openness

This week I took myself under a different approach to the term openness. In my first journey log I said I was open to try new things, and open to give this class a shot. However, this week with it being peer review of papers, I am proud to say I showed openness with suggestions and criticisms of my work that I had worked very hard on.

In the past, I haven't been a huge fan of letting other people read my writing because I have always been afraid of two types of people. The one type who makes fun of my writing because they think it is horrible, and cannot get enough of tearing it to shreds, and the type who think they know everything about everything and decide to take it upon themselves to change the whole paper. To avoid these conflicts with these types of people, I have just removed myself from the whole "peer" anything related to reading my writing. Kind of funny right? Since this time, I was forced into this, while also sitting in the same room at the same time the other student was fixing my paper. Not to mention, I only hoped that they didn't know who I was so they couldn't look at me from across the room.

Peer Review corrections example

At the conclusion of the peer review, I thought it went great. I did my best to stay open to critiques, and open to those who didn't like it, because everyone is entitled to their own opinion you know? I read through my paper once more before looking at the comments, and once I had gone back to look at what everyone said, I was so impressed! Everyone was so kind in the way that they critiqued my paper, but they were all very constructive. For the majority of the comments, they made sense, and when I changed the things needed to be changed according to the peer review, I thought my paper read a lot more smoothly. I am so so beyond glad that I was able to be so open throughout the process because if I hadn't I feel as if I would've shut down things that weren't needing shutting down.


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