Our new logo reflects California with a golden sun and includes a gradient in the W, a nod to the way CWEA members transform wastewater.

Five ways CWEA impacts the profession

We empower wastewater professionals

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We unite the profession

We raise the profile of wastewater professionals

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We are the proven experts

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We are passionate about the future of wastewater and building a clean, healthy California for everyone

Some of the benefits of CWEA membership

CWEA is the go-to resource for professional growth: certifications, training, leadership opportunities, and cross-industry networking

We offer convenient and accessible opportunities to engage on a local level through meetings and training at our 17 local sections

CWEA is a welcoming, inclusive, and collaborative community of professionals that spans roles, career stages, and regions

Our positioning statement

CWEA is the trusted organization that advocates for and empowers wastewater professionals so they can protect and harness the potential of California’s most critical resource, because all water is essential.


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