UofN University of the Nations

University of the Nations is an international training institution with 600 locations on all continents and in 160 nations.

International Centres

International Centres:

Facilitating the need to connect together in meeting the challenges to fulfilling the Great Commission Worldwide.

  • Community Development & Justice Centre
  • Centre for Discipleship Training Schools
  • Family Resource Centre
  • Genesis Centre
  • Student Mobilization Centre
  • Extension Studies Centre
  • Centre for Core Curriculum
Arts & Sports

College of Arts & Sports

Displaying Biblical truth through the integration of artistic, athletic, and creative expression

Christian Ministries

College of Christian Ministries

Equipping leaders to teach the Bible, make disciples, and respond to Christ's call to the nations


College of Communication

Understanding the skills and tools to infuse the media with relevant expressions of truth with integrity and quality

Counseling & Healthcare

College of Counseling & Healthcare

Promote wholeness in Christ through prevention, treatment, and healing of the mind, body and soul


College of Education

Advocating for learning models founded in Biblical truth that will transform communities

Humanities & International Studies

College of Humanities & International Studies

Cultivating a worldview based on the reconciliation, redemption and restoration of all nations through Christ

Science & Technology

College of Science & Technology

Revealing God's principles through scientific discovery and innovation to deliver an improved quality of life worldwide

There are so many opportunities to follow God's call on your life...

Learn illustration, fine arts, drawing, design and animation...
Learn to study, teach, PREACH and disciple others from the Bible...
Learn how to work In Families, in counseling Or in community development...
Learn how to use sports, exercise and health principles to disciple nations...
Learn about new cultures, Worldviews and Discover new Opportunities to use your gifts in missions....
Learn about and Go to unreached people groups takIng the gospel to the least, the last and the lost...
Intercede on behalf of the nations and advocate for those who have no voice...
Learn to worship God and hear His voice as the Fuel for our Mission
Learn to use technology to deliver water, sustainable agriculture and Conservation
Learn dance, acting, performance, street art and evangelism...
Learn photography, videography, writing, journalism or digital filmmaking...

And much much more...

Your journey could begin right here, get an AA, BA or Masters degree with the UofN

The Office of the Provost

The University of the Nations follows the organization of many universities, in which the President is responsible for giving overall direction, leading the institution into the future and relating to governments, alumni, the Board of Regents, and friends.

The Provost then has more of a CEO role, making sure the University is functioning in a coordinated fashion and is meeting its commitments to students, faculty, and staff.

The Provost provides executive leadership of the Academic Affairs of the University of the Nations, which includes numerous areas: oversight of the Deans and Centre Directors, internal communication, academic policy, course registration and approval, staff training and development, research policies and targets, the International Records system including degree students and diplomas, and educational planning. The Provost is the Academic Vice President and therefore part of Team4, the executive leadership body made up of the President and three Vice Presidents of the University of the Nations. They are accountable to the Board of Regents. (Since the University of the Nations is decentralized into 600 mini-campuses in 160 nations, admissions, course administration and most finances are handled at the level of the local campus.)

Because of the vast scope of this job, the Provost must select qualified people to give leadership to specific areas. Thus, the Provost Team includes several Assistant Provosts who have responsibility for areas such as the Records System, internal communication, research, course registration and approval, and academic policies.


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