The Mars Water Collection Challenge By: Suleman

Objective: Using and operator controlled robot, students must maneuver a bot to collect a water bottle, place it into a container and return the bottle and container to base camp, in under 2 minutes time.



I think that today we are going play around with our bot and see what modifications are needed in order to meet our goal. We will probably change a lot of the bot. We are going to be testing our bot repetitively on the ramp, until we have a bot that succeeds. Last Friday we took off the bumper, and made a few other minor adjustments.

Today we were able to get over the ramp with our bot. We faced a few problems we will have to fix. We weren't able to lift the bottle, because it flipped our bot from the weight. We figured out that we need to add more weight to the back.


Today we are going to stabalize the weight of our bot. We are going to add more weight, and build more on the back of our bot, so we can lift the bottle with its container. We will also be messing around with the wheels to make it easier to go up the ramp.

Today we didn't get much done. We tried to add more weight to the back, but we just couldn't get enough. Then we removed the entire battery and moved it to the back. Then we were finally able to pick up the bottle. We were also able to improve was the grip of the claw on the bottle. So now the bottle doesn't slip.


Today we are going to try to finish our bot. Once we know we can successfully complete our tasks, and meet our requirements, we can start some test runs. Then from the results from our tests we will make our bot better because we have 2 more days.

Today we actually got quite a lot done. We got the grain attached to the back of the bot not strapped. We also straightened out the pieces on our bot. After yesterday our it was a mess. We should be done by the end of tomorrow.


Today we are going to get our bot balanced better. Last time when we tried to lift the bottle, our bot flipped over. So today we will make a heavier back. We also have a few tires tht we can add on to our bot, so we can get up the ramp easier.

Today we got a load of stuff done. We were able to stabalize our bots weight, also able to get over the ramp. We got a lot of test runs in, and we could pick up the bottle. We almost completed it in a real test, and got a 90, which is pretty good.


Since we finished our bot today we are going to test. We are going to find out who is the best driver. We will also see what is the most efficient way for us to complete the task.

Today we got everything we wanted to get done. We figured out who was the best driver, which was me. We also figured it the fastest way to get over the ramp.


Since we got everything figured out, today we will just practice. We will find new ways to accomplish our goals. We still might make some modifications to make our bot function better.

Today we didn't do a lot. Our batteries were low, so we just charged them. We did get a practice run in, and successfully met our requirements. The only minor flaw we found was how the container kept on slipping from our claw.


Today we will only test. We have completely insisted our bot, so we will just practice our skills. We might still make some minor adjust,nets, because our bot has a loose grip.

Today we got about 3 times tests in. We got over the ramp, but we coukdnt lift the bottle without it slipping. So then we modified our claw. Tomorrow we will see if it works.


Today we will once again just test. If we do make modifications it will be to the claw, because we still can't figure out how to be a better grip. The bottle keeps on slipping from our claw, so we need to improve there.

We got our timed test in and got it recorded as well. I went in for my team and drove the bot. Joey was directing, and Ryan was recording. We successfully completed it and got a 100. We made it back with 1 second left. It was really close. I also almost pushed to bottle off the edge too.


We were very successful in being able to get over the ramp. We were able to get over the ramp from day 1. We improved drastically on it in the next few days. We also had no problem with materials. We had the luck of having 2 extra tires, which helped us get over the ramp. We also had good teamwork. We didn't argue much, and got our job done. Everyone also contributed to the work. The only difficulties we faced were with our claw and or balance. We couldn't get our claw's grip to be good, so the bottle and container kept on slipping. We went through many attempts and fails, until we took apart our bot's claw and added an extra tire grip and straightened out the rubber bands on our claw, so we could grip the bottle better. It worked, and we were able to get a grade of a 100, because we successfully returned the container and bottle to base camp. We made it back with 1 second left, because once again our grip had a little problem, but it was much better. We also had a problem with our balance in the beginning. Our bot kept on flippping over when we tried to pick up the bottle. There wasn't enough weight in the back. So we tried and tried, until I came up with the idea to move the battery to the back. Once we did that the bot no longer flipped over. We were then successfully able to pick up the. Bottle in the container with no problems. Overalll we did pretty good.

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