Madonna Ciccone was born on August 16, 1958. She lived a tough life but she channeled that energy into her performances.

madonna is practicing for her show.

It all started when her mom passed away on December 1, 1963. Madonna wanted all of the attention from her father. She acted like a mother to her siblings. Then, Madonna's father married a women. It was hard for Madonna. With the new women around, Madonna barely got any attention. She got short tempered and threw fits all the time.

When Madonna was 19, she dropped out of college 1 year in. She moved to New York to start her dancing career.

One day, Madonna got offered an opportunity to do a performance. However, when she had to learn hard steps, she would run out of class and go to a bar. It was very hard to keep Madonna dancing because she was a rebel. She eventually found a new passion: singing. The Warner Brothers helped her release her albums. Her first album was called "Madonna" and was released on July 27, 1983. To date, she sold, 10,000,000 copies in the world.

Madonna later also started an acting career. Her first movie was "Desperately Seeking Susan." It ended up being an average movie but the main song of the film became very famous. The song was called " Into The Groove." The most successful role for Madonna was when she played Eva Peron, Argentina's president's wife in "Evita" it was a musical and got an award for it.

Over the years, Madonna has always managed to reinvent herself, and is still the biggest pop star in the world. She has two children of her own and recently adopted four children from Malawi. She created a charity over there in 2006 called "Raising Malawi." This charity focuses on children and building schools.


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