Village of Pulaski By the best: Riley wardlow

We have some problems...

  1. Washing the water tower
  2. Planning the operations budget
  3. Library is moving
  4. Fixing the area around Polka days
  5. And Pulaski's Economic Development

The one problem I am very concerned on is the Washing of the water tower. This is a problem because it's not cheap to have someone go all the way up there and wash it. But it is really dirty.

See how dirty it is?

The water tower should resemble Pulaski and all it's citizens, having it be dirty makes us look like we don't care about it. Everyone else has a nice clean water tower and it's more like a landmark than a utility. I do agree we need to clean it but I wish they cleaned it a lot faster and more.

Pulaski has agreed to clean the tower. I just wish they would clean it more often.

The Town Hall is at 585 East Glenbrook Dr.
Created By
Riley Wardlow

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