Jane's Story Getting all her ducks in a row for her next career move

Jane wanted a new job. She was really ambitious, and had worked hard to get where she was. She liked her job (and her employer), but didn't have that "I love my job" feeling anymore. She realised she'd gone as far as she could in the organisation, but wasn't quite ready to settle. She had a niggling feeling she could do better. She was excited about the possibility of change. The next job needed to be a big one. And she wanted more. More money, more responsibility, a more prestigious job title ...

It was time to make a move.

Jane had all her ducks in a row, except one. She knew her resume needed updating, but she had no idea what current market expectations were for the positions she was keen on pursuing. She knew competition was tough for the roles she wanted, and she knew she needed a resume that would get her through the screening process, and get her invited to interview. She wanted documents that made people say "We need to get Jane in. Now."

She was great at telling her story one-to-one, but she just couldn't find the words that explained on paper just how great she really was at her job.

Lucky for Jane, a friend referred her to us, and we were able to help. She was pretty chuffed with the results. So were we.

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