We've Been Nominated World Tea Expo 2017

Best Tea Community/ Level Campaign

2nd Year Nominated

Who Are We?

We are an International Community of Tea Bloggers/Writers who focus on all things Tea


  • Study Tea
  • Review Tea
  • Research Tea
  • Share Tea

And Spread The Word About The Leaf

We Educate and Inform

TeaBloggers Roundtable, World Tea Expo 2015
  • Educating, Presenting and Discussing Tea
  • Attend Expos Worldwide Speaking About Tea

Coordinating Festivals & Events

We Travel Worldwide In Search Of Information & Education

Darlene Meyers Perry & Jo Johnson- Lei Tea Stone Mixed Media Creative Exhibition; International Forum On Tea Culture, Creativity & Science 2015, Nantou, Taiwan
IFTCCS 2015, Nantou Taiwan Photos from International Forum on Tea, Culture, Creativity & Science 2015
Charleston Tea Plantation, South Carolina; Portland Japanese Gardens, Portland, Oregon; Lan Su Chinese Garden, Portland, Oregon; Nantou Global Tea Expo, Nantou, Taiwan; Pinglin Tea Garden, Pinglin, Taiwan; Tea Gardens in Mizuho, Taiwan; Photos Courtesy of Darlene Meyers Perry - Nicole Schwartz, Amazon V & Rachel Carter, iHeartTeas at a tea shop in the Virgin Islands Photo courtesy Rachel Carter

We Are A Dedicated Group

Top Left to Right Naomi Rosen, Jo Johnson, Gary Robson, Nicole Schwartz, Darlene Meyers Perry, Natasha Nesic, Rachel Carter, Bottom Left to Right Nicole Schwartz, Geoffrey Norman, Jen Piccotti
Naomi Rosen at the podium Seated left to right Nicole Martin, Linda Gaylard, Jason Walker, Chris Giddings, Jen Piccotti, World Tea Expo, Long Beach, panelists TeaBloggers Roundtable 2014

That utilizes blogging/writing & social media to inform the public about the essence & value of drinking tea

World Tea Expo 2013 TeaBloggers Roundtable Participants
Nicole Martin, Best Social Media Reach Award, World Tea Expo 2015 and Nominated for 2016

We work with a host of community & tea organizations to carry the message

Serving and Educating about Tea - Communitea, Senior Center, Communitea, Bronx Museum of the Arts; Movement of the People Dance Company's 2nd Annual Free Day of Dance @ Casita Maria, photo by Alyssa Rapp
Steepster Meet-Up at Andrew Freedman Center, Bronx NY with Artist, Michele Brody
Top Left- Jo Johnson for Teafields, NJ; Right-Verna L Hamilton sharing her poetry at Tea & A Dream presentation coordinated by Darlene Meyers Perry; Bottom Left -Tea & A Dream Table Setting; Right -Tea & A Dream presentation at Newark Public School; Photos DMP
Robert Godden, The Devotea discussing tea in his community Adelaide, Australia

We support and collaborate with tea retailers providing a host of services

Linda Gaylard, Educator, Author, Blog-The Tea Stylist, at The Monkey Cup, Harlem, NYC; and at T-Shop NYC with Theresa Wong

We attend and report on cultural and current events

From Left 1 & 2-Verna L. Hamilton and Nicole Martin at Globus Washitsu Exhibit, Color of Japan; 3 & 4 China Through The Looking Glass Exhibit, Metropolitan Museum of Art, NYC 2015
Matcha Tea Presentation at NeueHouse, NYC
Korean Tea Ceremony, Penn State Tea Institute 2012, Korean Tea Ceremony, Northwest Tea Festival 2013; Photos DMP

We connect with industry suppliers

Alexis Siemons, Teaspoons & Petals Book Launch, along with Lisa Kunizaki-Cholly, Chambre De Sucre, Nicole Martin and Jo Johnson; Yoon Hee Kim, TeaClassics with Jo Johnson

We support industry efforts and interact with industry leaders gaining knowledge and insight into the world of tea

Naomi Rosen & Jo Johnson
1. At Harney & Sons, Verna L. Hamilton, Emeric Harney, Nicole Martin, Michael Harney 2. Geoffrey Norman, Steep Stories/Lazy Literatus, & Rajiv Lochan, Lochan Tea, 3. James Norwood Pratt, Author & Naomi Rosen, Joy's Jabberings 4. Thomas Chu, JT&Tea with Rachel Carter, iHeartTeas, WTE 2015 5. Sebastian Beckwith, In Pursuit of Tea, Jo Johnson, Scandalous Tea 6. Nicole Martin, Jo Johnson, Jeff Fuchs, Jalam Teas & Darlene Meyers Perry 7. Yoon Hee Kim, Tea Classics, Educator and Korean Tea Specialist with Nicole Martin, Tea For Me Please 8. Charles Cain, Executive Consultant, Jason Walker, Walker Tea Review at Teavana, 2013 9. Marcella Auman Farina, The Tea And Hat Lady, Darlene Meyers Perry, The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook, Michael Raab, President, MATBA Org, Deborah Raab, Tea-For-All Tea Shoppe; STI Graduate Pendant Ceremony 10. Linda Villano, SerendipiTea at Coffee & Tea Festival 2016 11. World Tea Boot Camp, Jane Pettigrew, Educator, Author & Darlene Meyers Perry, The Tea Enthusiast's Scrapbook- 12. Jo Johnson & Kevin Gascoyne, Camellia Sinensis, CA.- James Norwood Pratt, Author, Rachel Carter, iHeartTeas, Dan Bolton, Publisher/Editor, Tea Journey; Photo Rachel Carter

Thank You For Your Support!

Jen Piccotti, An International Tea Moment, Geoffrey Norman, SteepStories/Lazy Literatus, Nicole Schwartz, AmazonV
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