The Divine By: Kennedy day

Spatial Experience: The Constans Theatre has a very modern look and feel to it. As I walked through the doors, I was pleasantly surprised at how spacious and aesthetically pleasing it was. After I checked my bag and walked through the doors to the actual auditorium, I took a seat on the end of the row towards the back. I think this seating negatively impacted my experience because I could not truly see what the actors looked like up close and how they were displaying emotions on their faces. When the lights started the dim, I knew the play was about to start and I immediately respected the actors on stage. The size of the auditorium was nice and cozy, I felt comfortable enough to give the actors my undivided attention. Space has a huge impact on the good life. Specific locations and spaces can change a person's mood and perspective, for better or for worse.

Social Experience: I attended the performance with my friend Patricia. She is also in good life and we are close friends. This really enhanced my experience because I had someone to talk about the play with and to help me understand the underlying context of the script. I got ready for the performance like I would get ready for class. I brought some writing utensils and paper to take notes. Shared experiences are important to achieving the good life. Having friends and family in your corner can make any experience a better one.

The Cultural and Intellectual Experience: The performance was set in early 20th century Canada. An impoverished man goes to school to be a priest to make his family proud. He meets a close friend that is in love with the theatre and the recent celebrity who comes to the town, but the theatre is frowned upon by all the other priests. The play is a story of opportunity costs and scandals that make it a very interesting and unexpected play. I did not know anything about the subject before attending, all the information was news to me. The performance made me realize that even the most pure people can still sin and do wrong. No one is perfect and it is not in human nature to be perfect. I felt sympathy for the characters situation's but it does not relate to anything going on in my life at the moment or previously.

The Emotional Experience: I believe that theatre provides everyone with an opportunity for katharsis because the actors introduce all the issues that we would never bring up. It breaks the barrier between what is good and bad and relieves people that someone is talking about the uncomfortable topics. We can purge in our seats while the actors do all of the talking for us.

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