White Tail Deer Population Catherine Kellerman

Deer Population

This graph represents the white tail deer population in Kansas. Recently, the deer population has reached its carrying capacity because the environment cannot support anymore individuals in the population due to limited resources. There was a rapid increase in the deer population, but it has dramatically slowed down. Limited resources could cause the deer population to rise along the S-shaped curve of logistic growth by causing the deer to use up all of the resources they have, leaving them hungry and causing the change in population growth.

One of the density dependent factors that limit the population would be a lack of food (grass and plants), which is caused by overpopulated feeding areas. Another density dependent factor that affects the deer population would be competition for food and more resources. A rapid increase in another species that eats the same food as deer would cause competition that would slow down the population growth seen on the graph. Some of the density independent factors that could affect the deer population would be drought and temperature. If a drought occurred in Kansas, the deer population would decrease drastically because it would kill all of their food and dry up all their water, completely cutting the deer population off from its resources. A dramatic change in temperature could also affect the deer population because excessive heat could kill the deer and cold will cut them off from food sources.

Immigration could cause the deer population to go over carrying capacity. If more and more deer join this population that is already at carrying capacity, the area will be even more overpopulated and take away resources, which would the cause a decrease in population.Emigration could help the deer population because it take the population farther away from the carrying capacity and allow each individual to have more resources.

More births could hurt the population of deer even more because it would take away from the already limited food supply and brings more of the density dependent factors to the population. More deaths might help the population so that there is more food available for the living deer; this is why Kansas allows people to hunt many deer, which is their attempt at deer population control.


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