Once in the Club... always in the club

Supporting Youth Through Mentorship, Education, and Arts

Inspired by his time on The All New Mickey Mouse Club, actor/entrepreneur Dale Godboldo founded Always In The Club with support from other former Mouseketeers to help meet the United Nation's Global Goal of Quality Education through youth mentoring and the arts.

Come on inside, and JOIN THE CLUB!!
"As a former Mouseketeer, I experienced first-hand the power of mentorship and arts training, and sustained institutional support. I believe that support was invaluable to our self esteem and sense of purpose, laying a foundation that lead to all of our future successes." - Dale Godboldo (Founder)
Dale helped raise money for DVA Production's Young Artist Mentor Program at his Finale Viewing Party of "The People v. OJ Simpson: American Crime Story," in which Dale co-starred as CARL DOUGLAS. The event was held in Dale's hometown of Dallas and sponsored by FOX.
Dale was a presenter at SHAKIRA's Alas Foundation Awards. Here with these EXTRAORDINARY kids who in order to play music, built their instruments from solid waste picked from a landfill near their home in Paraguay. #PremiosALASBID
The United Nation's Global Goal Of Sustainable Development #4 - Quality Education
"The Mouse Club was much more than just a television show, it was a performing arts, entrepreneurship, and leadership academy." - Dale Godboldo

The MMC's breeding ground for success can be replicated and enhanced to reach millions of young people as an inspiration, and example, of the power of sustained institutional support for our youth.

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Always In The Club was formed as a platform to provide funding to outstanding non-profits dedicated to youth education and arts, and provide scholarships and entrepreneurial training for young people through partnerships with both for-profit and non-profit organizations.

But AITC is more than a mission, it's a family. Our motto - Once in the club... Always In The Club

AITCF's official Launch Party - Top: Dale Godboldo, Lisa Cannata (Marketing Director). Bottom: Actress Ion Overman, Angelique Sheppard (Events)
L-R: Rhona Bennet, Tera Deva, Angelique Sheppard, Ion Overman, Lisa Cannata, Dale Godboldo at AITCF Launch Party
L-R: Dale Godboldo, Jennifer McGill, Roque Herron, Lindsey Alley, TJ Fantini, Deedee Magno, David Kater, Rhona Bennett, Nita Booth at AITC Fan Community Launch: "The Voice Finalist: Tony Lucca Viewing Party"
Dale Godboldo and Justin Timberlake at Justin's 20/20 Experience Concert
Nikki DeLoach and Dale Godboldo on Home & Family
L-R: Albert 'Jeune' Fields, Deedee Magno-Hall, Tony Lucca, Dale Godboldo
L-R: TJ Fantini, Chasen Hampton, Rhona Bennett, Marc Worden, Dale Godboldo at Rhona's radio show
L-R: Rhona Bennett, Dale Godboldo, Tasha Danner, Lindsey Alley, Mylin Brooks, Deedee Magno, Marc Worden at Lindsey's play
L-R: Rhona Bennett, Dale Godboldo, Barry Vigon (MMC Head Writer), Tony Lucca, Justin Timberlake at Tony Lucca Album Listening Party
L-R: Ion Overman, Dale Godboldo, JC Chasez, JC's friend
L-R: Ryan Gosling, Chasen Hampton, Damon Pampolina, Keri Russell, Dale Godboldo, Nikki DeLoach, Tony Lucca, Marc Worden supporting Chasen's Buzzfly concert
Once in the club... Always In The Club

AITCF's first initiative - Project:NOW - stresses the urgency of NOW in executing innovative programs that work to increase literacy, college acceptance rates, and entrepreneurial pursuits in the underserved communities we target. Project:NOW partners currently include US Dream AcademyThe Beacon Network Schools, PVBLIC, Cherokee Gives Back, and Arthur Wylie Entrepreneurship & Leadership Fund - working to meet the Global Goal of Universal Quality Education... #Goal4

Global Goal #4 - Quality Education:
Meet Some of the Organizations Taking Urgent Action To Educate Our Youth

Project:NOW co-founding partner US Dream Academy, is an innovative, national afterschool & mentoring program that has helped thousands of at-risk youth, especially children of incarcerated parents, realize their dream.

Orlando Magic player Arron Afflalo is a long-time supporter of US Dream Academy and its programs

Project:NOW partner The Beacon Network is a unique educational model within Denver Public Schools, committed to the high achievement and growth of every student. We are part of an Innovation Management Organization that allows for an Executive Principal to oversee the two schools currently in the network — Kepner Beacon Middle School and Grant Beacon Middle School. The Beacon Network has the potential for future growth and may add more schools.

Beacon schools provide a college preparatory program of study that sets high expectations and requires critical thinking and problem-solving skills.

Through the collaborative work of students, staff, families and community partners, Beacon schools bring together diverse communities and prepare students with the academic knowledge and 21st century leadership skills necessary for college and career success.

Project:NOW was launched in 2014 with program development and ongoing support from Chelsea Clinton and President Bill Clinton.

Dale Godboldo with President Bill Clinton
Dale Godboldo with Chelsea Clinton
Dale Godboldo with Chelsea Clinton and the entire LEAD Team - Dedicated to mentoring the next generation of global leaders.
Dale Godboldo with LEAD mentee, Guerdiana Thelomar
Dale Godboldo during CGI University's Day of Action in Liberty City (Miami), as a member of Chelsea Clinton's LEAD team.

Project:NOW's first fundraiser was the Legacy Project Dinner with President George W. Bush, who was honored with US Dream Academy's Legacy Award.

The evening was sponsored by Amway and Unite:4 Good, and hosted by The Good Wife’s Chris Noth.

Actor Chris Noth (Sex and the City, The Good Wife) and Former US Dream Academy student Derrell Frazier introduce President Bush.
Project:NOW partners with Derrell Frazier present Legacy Award to President Bush.
President Bush shares stories from his time in office during private moderated discussion.
Advancing Community Through Humanitarian Activities and Events

Project:NOW was a beneficiary of the 3rd Annual City Summit & Gala 2018 honoring Oscar-winning actor/philanthropist Matthew McConaughey, Ashton Kutcher, Jack Canfield, and Tai Lopez.

Through City Gala's year-long campaign and support, Project:NOW raised over $1.5 million for its educational initiative.

Dale Godboldo with Matthew McConaughey
Dale Godboldo with Ashton Kutcher
Dale Godboldo with Jack Canfield (author of "Chicken Soup for the Soul" & "The Success Principles")
City Gala Founder Ryan Long and Dale Godboldo

AITCF and its Project:NOW initiative are programs of International Arts & Philanthropy Foundation, Inc. (a 501c3) that works to promote the Uniting Nation's Global Goals For Sustainable Development.

JOIN THE CLUB! And help us meet the global grand challenge of universal quality education through mentorship and the arts by making a donation today.

CONTACT US: Info@InternationalAPF.org

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