Entry 1 - Jan 12 2017

I have been selected to be Camera 1 and the ingredients VT. So today, I have made the ingredients and equipment VT. I have made each VT a few seconds long that gives enough time for the presenters to say everything listed, as I tried testing it out myself. After a while, I have gone to see how the other group has done in their film, so that I can have some ideas of how it would be like when I will be filming our group's.

Entry 2 - Jan 18 2017

Today, I have finished writing a plan for myself in my own time about when I need to change the shots for Camera 1, after there were some changes of the shot on the script.

Here is what my plan looks like:

Entry 3 - Jan 19 2017

Today, we had many changes in our plans, such as the camera shots and the script. So we have been practising multiple times throughout the 2 hours of lesson time. We were having difficulties for a long time, such as, troubles with the auto-cue. However, we finally got everything together and made our final/original take in the last few minutes.

At the very start of this project I have written a job application. We got to choose either floor manager, Director, camera operator, vision mixer, sound mixer, presenter, PA or autocue operator. I have chosen to be the floor manager, at first I was going to choose to be the sound mixer but I was told it will include a bit of stress which I wouldn't work very well with. I found out that the role of floor manager was already taken and I had the role of camera operator. Although I couldn't get the role I wanted it wasn't so bad being the camera operator.

I have researched my role (camera operator) that I need to be able to multi-task, I have to watch, listen and think at the same time. On camera, it shows 2 different zooms: one zooms in slowly and one zooms at a normal speed. If there's a shot that you need to do again, you have to be able to get the same shot as before when you are changing shots. It is better to plan your shots to help you remember, as flipping through the script might be harder to remember which shot is which.

On our first lesson of our project, our group have made some discussions about who's buying the ingredients and what VTs we will be doing for each person, such as the intro. I have chosen to do the ingredients and equipment VTs. We have planned do get all of our VTs 2 days before next lesson. The items we needed for our film were borax, glue, soap, shaving cream, water,

This is a small rehearsal footage that I have:

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