Golden Retrievers By: Phantharach (Tara) Natnithikarat


Big, golden puff ball running towards you. Wagging tails with happy faces, what could it be? Read on to find out more about their cute appearances, playful personality, their cozy habitat, and everything about Golden Retrievers.


Golden Retrievers, intelligent and cute come in different sizes, and types. For example, some can be very golden while some can be snowish white. When they’re just a puppy, they can be very small. But as soon as they grow, you’ll be surprised on how big they could be! According to their parents genes, their colors and sizes can be very unique. For example, have you ever seen a Golden Retrievers that is white or even brown? It is because their parents can be different in both colors, size, and more. Golden Retrievers have 2 eyes, their eyesight is good and their sense of smell is also good. They also have ears to hear, legs to balance on, and a mouth to eat! Golden Retrievers can be very unique and very interesting!


Golden Retrievers, intelligent can be one of your best friends! It is very loyal, friendly, companion, and kind. When you are sad, just know that there will always be one dog, that will jump up to you and be on your side. Golden Retrievers can be very energetic. So you will have to take them for a walk everyday! They can be very intelligent, and smart so you can teach some tricks to your buddy! Also ,when you teach them new tricks, make sure you give them a reward! Golden Retrievers are loyal, friendly, intelligent, and energetic!


Golden Retrievers need a cozy place to stay in! If you want to have one, make sure you have space to let them stay. It is best to buy a home with a air conditioner because some golden retrievers can get very hot because of their long fur. Golden Retrievers eat the same thing people do. For example, chicken, bread, vegetable, and other dog foods. Also, you have to worry about fleas and ticks, because Golden Retrievers loves to stay outdoor! So you have to build them some place to play indoor to prevent it from happening! When you get a Golden Retriever, make sure to provide them some love and care.


Dogs, ESPECIALLY Golden Retrievers make a good pet. They have everything you need to make your life happy. From their personalities to their appearances. So don’t waste anymore time, get your own Golden Retriever NOW!

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