Window Displays By Naomi maresch

I think that this is not a good window display because I feel like it is really busy. Also there isn't a certain theme for it. I guess it could be red, but their is too much going on.
I like this display because it is nice and simply. It is a really pretty background. I think that people will stop and look at the product. There isn't much going on it has space, but not too spacious.
I like this because of the simply look. The background is really nice. Also the colors match with the theme.
I don't like this one because the background is too much. They could've put a less guitars in it to make it look better. I feel like all of the focus is on the guitars and not the clothing.
I like this one because there is a theme to the display. The colors go together nicely. I think that it's very clever that they used stick notes to make out of someones face.
I like this because the shoes around the world is a really cool idea. It looks really nice and not busy.
This is really cool to me because it shows a subway and the casual wear that an average person would wear. If someone was out and about that is what they would wear.
This is really cool because the clothing varies with the colors above the mannequins. I don't think that the colors look nice too. You also focus on the product as well.
I like the theme of this one. The colors look nice together as well. its something that people want to look at, as well.
I don't like this one because I don't like the background of it. I think that the background is taking away from the dresses.
This is cool. I like the colors, you get a spring vibe from it. It also attracts a lot of attention.
This one is really interesting. I like the wings and how it ties together with the outfit. How the mannequin looks like it is flying a little bit.
I like the way this is set up. I like the positions the mannequins are in. The colors are well tied together as well.
I like the black and white theme. I also like the drawing. It makes you want to stop and look at the display.
I like the color scheme, and the color wheel they put in the display. I think that they displayed them together well also.
This one is cool. I think that people will stop and look at all the different colors that they put in it. I how they spaced it, but it is a little together.
This is cool, but I think that they should be more spread out. I like the flowers they put on top of the mannequins.
I like this because it is spacious and the background isn't busy. The colors go together well as well.
I like the color scheme of this. The pinks are nice behind the mannequin.
This is nice and chic. It looks really simple, but it is really nice. I like the faint lighting behind them. I think it add a nice touch.


Created with images by wobogre - "window decoration display dummy"

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