Khotachiwadi The hidden gem of mumbai

Amidst the hustle and bustle of the city of Mumbai lies this quaint village, Khotachiwadi.
Khotachiwadi was first inhabited by the east Indian community, especially the Christians who are thought of the original settlers of Mumbai .This peach colored chapel was built in 1899, as a gesture of thanks by residents who were spared by the plague.
These houses require a lot of maintenance and need to be painted on a regular basis; most occupants do not have the time and money for this.
As you pass the old colonial buildings, in the historic center of Chowpatty you will come across a narrow street of colorful villas built in the old Indo-Portuguese style.
The cluster of 65 original houses has dwindled down to just 27 today. Most of the younger generations have moved oversea or to more affordable areas.
Shielded from the main road this has a friendly , village like atmosphere;so its quiet and peaceful.
THe board outside still advertises late night screenings held during various sports tournaments and movies.
Most of these houses were bought over by large developers and now replaced by six storeyed residential blocks instead.
People living here are very homely and welcoming ,whenever someone falls sick or needs help the entire community comes together as one.
these beautiful houses were first occupied by migrants from all over the nation around the 1800's
The almost empty streets were usually silent except the birds chirping at a distance and some peddlers.
Though today the occupants of these houses belong to different cultures and religions , it christian roots have not been forgotten.
what fascinates the eye the most is the vibrant colours that these houses were painted ; from teal to yellow every colour you could possibly imagine.
Large murals of Mother Mary symbolise the christian heritage.
This street gave me a lot of insight how Mumbai is not just about the fast pacing life, but still has some form of serenity and tranquility to it.
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