Wolves in Yellowstone By: Paige

I learned that the wolves left in 1930 from a video called How the Wolves Changed the Rivers. They left, because the government allowed people to hunt wolves for no reason. According to the video Wolf Reintroduction The farmers and ranchers were the ones who had killed off all the wolves. The wolves were reintroduced in 1995. They were reintroduced because, the ecosystem that they had once lived in was now unbalanced and also because, they were on the endangered animals list.I personally think it was a good idea to reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone because there was more good outcome than bad outcome.


According to the video How Wolves Changed Rivers when the wolves came back it was both bad and good for the animals and people.First they hunted the elk and deer, because when the wolves were gone the elk and deer population grew too much. They grazed almost all the plants. When the elk grazed the willow the beavers started to decrease in population, because the willow is a major food and home tree. But when the wolves forced the elk to move they had to not graze the willow very much so more beavers came. Then more fish and water creatures came because beaver dams are there home and shelter. Also it gives shade for amphibians and more. After when the wolves hunted coyotes there was more mice and rabbits, so that meant more hawks and birds. There was more leftover meat from the new bears that had moved in, and even the rivers changed. The rivers changed because the trees stabilized dirt and soil so there was less erosion, the rivers started to meander less also they even created new water sources.


Evidence from the video Wolf Reintroduction says that some people disagree. It could be bad to reintroduce wolves to Yellowstone , because the wolves like to travel into the public land around Yellowstone and hang out in caves. In summer the elk and deer in the public land travel back to Yellowstone so then the wolves hunt the farmer and ranchers livestock.

Wolves helped the entire ecosystem back on track.

Wolves were bad for farmers, ranchers and livestock.

Yellowstone is a beautiful National park.

So I personally think it was a good idea to reintroduce wolves into yellowstone, because there was so many good out comes from doing that than bad. So this time I hope the government does not make it okay to kill wolves.



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