Good Life Nature Activity at the Florida Museum of Natural History By Christian Chase Rodriguez

Nature on Display: The Mammoth skeleton was appealing to me due to its sheer size and the tusks were extremely intriguing. I learned in the natural world that mammoths, the elephants ancestor, was much skinner than today's elephants by a huge factor and I found that very intriguing. I do not think seeing it in any other medium would have had the same affect on me. I found the size and colors and overall look of the skeleton to be so fascination and awe-inspiring.
Nature and Ethics: The butterfly exhibit shows the ecosystem of a butterfly habit in all its glory. As I walked threw the butterfly exhibit I was amazed by the all the vibrant colors and crazy patterns and designs these creatures are born with on their wings. The experience instilled an ethical responsibility to respect and protect nature and the next time I go hiking or hunting to take only pictures and leave only footsteps.
Nature and the Human Spirit: The natural history museum helps us step out of our ordinary lives by showing us so many interesting things in one small area that its easy to forget about our homework or up-incoming exams by simply reading a few exhibits that catch our eyes and then being entirely immersed and overwhelmed by new and exciting information. It helps us appreciate the mystery and majesty of the natural world by showing how vast and extreme it is and yet we still have so much to learn from it.


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