Going Bovine Chapters 6-8 Group: Jackie B., Abraham C., Kevin F., Brian G.

Chapter 6 : Cameron's mom tries to wake him up in time to mow the lawn because he's been promising his dad he will. Before he has to go to work at Buddha Burger. But, She fails. Cam ignores her despite her best attempts, and then sleeps in until he's basically late for his shift. When he sees the feather, there's no longer anything written on it, so he decides he must've been more stoned than he thought. Once again, though, Cam feels no guilt what so ever that he's inconvenienced, cause trouble or difficulty to other people. Just as Cam has to take over the counter, Staci Johnson and her posse walk in. They all order smoothies, which are a pain in the butt to make. As Cam is delivering the drinks across the counter, his arms spasm, uncontrollably, throwing them all over Staci Johnson causing disaster. Adding insult to injury, this debacle, a sudden and ignominious failure; a fiasco gets Cam fired. But before he clocks out for the last time, he sees a girl in the corner with huge, white, fluffy wings.

Chapter 7: Cam's dad decides they should all have a family dinner together at Luigi's, but Jenna already has plans to go to the movies with Chet and the gang, and Cameron doesn't even feign regret when he makes his excuses. Dad's word is law, so they're all forced into a family dinner together at Luigi's. The family had awkward conversations and Jenna suggests she could use her college savings to go. They walk through the strip mall after dinner, and Cam gets a warning about the end of the world from a homeless dude wearing a tinfoil hat.

Chapter 8: Cam does not feel good. His stoner buddies are convinced he's "taking the Psilocybin Express to Club Mushroom Med," but he thinks there's something really wrong with him—he's pale, twitchy, and a bit messed-up in the head. He hasn't been sleeping either, so he blames his continuing hallucinations, seeing things that aren't really there, of flames and twitchiness on sleep deprivation. Cam's sitting in Spanglish class, where Mr. Glass is desperately trying to get a conversation going about Don Quixote, when Cam has an episode. His ears are buzzing, his head aches, his body feels like it's on fire, and his arm spazzes out so that Mr. Glass calls on him. Out of desperation he tells his teacher to "fuck off". Cameron can't control his muscles for some reason, so Chet King gets up to help escort him from the classroom and Cam accidentally punches Chet in the gut. Then, Cameron was suspended for 5 days.




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