Gods Are Like Muffins By: Reilynn Carpenter

Gods are like muffins because they come in different shapes and sizes. Come with me and you'll see how they can be Muffins.

This is Zeus he looks like he's holding hay but that's his thunderbolt. Also when did Zeus get this young?

Zeus is the god of heaven and Earth as well he is the king of gods. He had many wives before Hera. The first woman he married was a woman named Metis. He got married to goddesses and mortals and Zeus has many children. Zeus moves the sun and moon. He puts the constellations in the sky and he protects mortals and gods alike. In some stories he is kind and wise but in others he has a ego as big as Olympus.


Hera is the goddess of marriage and is the daughter of Cronus and Rhea. Hera is one of the most beautiful goddesses. She is married to Zeus. She was jealous of his many wives and once tried to steal his thunder out of jealously but failed. Hera got tied to the sky with anvils from her feet! She is jealous and ignorant as much she is beautiful.

FUN FACT: Hera's and Zeus' wedding lasted 300 years!


Hephaestus is the god of blacksmith and fire and is very unlucky. Some people may call him lame. He is the son of Zeus and Hera. Once Hera looked at him and threw him straight outta Olympus. He is married to Aphrodite.

I got nothing to say about her.......the bird is nice I guess

Aphrodite is the goddess of love and beauty. She has no parents because she rose out of the sea. Beauty came with Aphrodite but jealousy came too. She married Hephaestus and wears a girdle that make love. Everyone loved her even Ares but I think Ares would marry war.

That helmet makes him invisible even though I can see him

Ares is the god of war and is the son of Zeus and Hera. Ares is well.....how to put this.........a god a mother had to send to the time out corner every minute. He was vile and has anger issues but he's a coward that loves war. He loves the REALLY bloody battles. If he was defeated he probably have a temper tantrum. The only person who liked him was Aphrodite.


Eros is the god of love. He is wild and mischievous. Some say he was born at the beginning of time while others say he's the son of Aphrodite and Ares. His favorite thing to do is shoot arrows in the backs of innocent people to make them fall in love and he was unstoppable. Even Zeus couldn't stop him.

Poseidon looks a lot younger than I remember!

Poseidon is the god of sea and earthquakes and the son of Rhea and Cronus. Poseidon is.... very moody. If he was mad he probably cause a tsunami. If he's calm though the waves would be calm as well. He has a trident and made the first horse from clay and rock. He is married to a sea goddess Amphitrite.


So i'm going to read the villains and monster story and then compare. While giving my opinion in between.

So here are the villain's stories told in my own words.

Medusa used to be beautiful human being but was a jerk about it. She constantly reminded everyone about it (shesh Medusa way to go.) BUT you probably want to know how she became miss.snake head. One day they went to Athena's temple which was huge and decorated beautifully. Medusa being thinking the world revolves around her whispers to someone "Those statues of Athena better if they were me." (who even does that in a goddesses temple) anyway she also says that it was a shame that the temple was wasted on Athena. Athena hears this and is furious. Athena comes in and says "You're really foolish girl you go around only talking about your self." Medusa said that she was an inspiration. Athena replise " That nonsense with my powers your beauty will be taken away to remind others to control their pride. Then Medusa became a snake head.

Traits: Ignorant, evil, and foolish.

King Midas: King Midas was a very greedy man. All he cared about is gold, money, coins, eta. Once he found a satyr. King Midas returned the satyr to his home and in return he got one wish. He thought about all the he could wish for but he decided on one wish. ¨I wish everything I touch turns to gold." The satyr ask if he really wanted this wish. Seeing the greed in his eyes made the satyr realize that the king in front of him deserved no wish. The satyr agreed and gave him the wish. When King Midas walked back the grass in between his toes felt cold as ice. He looked down and to his surprise the grass was pure gold. He was filled with glee he skipped the his palace touching everything in sight. King Midas reached the palace and he touched it turning it to gold. By dinner time his bed was gold, his dresser was gold even the curtains were gold! He sat down on his golden chair. His table was filled with goodies. King Midas tried to take a bite on bread it turn to gold. He tried to have a sip of water once again it turned to gold. King Midas finally realize his mistake. He ran to the oracle asking for help. She said to take a bath in River Pactolus. King Midas ran so fast to the river when he got there he couldn't feel his legs. He jumped into the river. When he got out the grass felt normal the golden trees turn to normal right in front of his eyes. King Midas got rid of the golden touch.

Traits: greedy, ignorant, and rich.

Heracles: To keep this short this is Heracles

And now greek alusions

Opening Pandora´s Box:something that may lead to chaos.Example: If you let a 5 year old use the stove you're OPENING PANDORA´S BOX.

Achilles Heel: Your weakness. Example: Baseball is my ACHILLES HEEL.

Midas Touch: What your good at. Example: You have the MIDAS TOUCH when it comes to piano.

Herculean Task: Something that seems impossible. Example: To a 3 year old cleaning a car is a HERCULEAN TASK.

So Medusa is my favorite story so i´m telling you how she died. Perseus came to Medusa´s lair with a mirror shield and a sack. He was ready to fight the vile beast. Out came Medusa with snakes squirming on her head. Perseus was tempted to look but didn´t. The battle was long. Then using his mirror shield he cut off Medusa´s head.

Heracles: Heracles did twelve labors for forgiveness for killing his family. One of them was to kill Hydra. In the end he completed all twelve labors.

Traits: Heroic, strong, and kind.

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